Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beach Photoshoot.

As usual, we love doing photoshoots!! Today's was inspired by a Sun Salutation routine, I thought it would be cool if we were each a different pose from a basic sun salutation until the last pose became the same as the first pose. I think it turned out really cool!!!
Here's who this is from left to right:
Tess Davies, Sarah Freeman, Maddy Irwin, Larisa Yurkiw, Marie-Michele Gagnon, Erin Mielzynski, Julia Roth, Sarah Elliot, Madison McLeish, Laurence Vallerand, Marie-Pier Prefontaine, Eve Routhier and ME!!
 ohhhh heyyyyy
Closer view of our Sun Salutations......
We attempted a 13 person downward dog... but half the group fell so i just cropped it! ha.

Talent!! Mp and Mitch!
I love taking pictures, and in Lake Tekapo with such a fit pretty fun team it's hard to take any bad ones!!!  Another entertaining day off.... and hopefully there will be many more hilarious photoshoots in future!!!!

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