Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tie-Dye, Stampede, Beach Volleyball and East Coast Lobsters!

It's been another busy training week and the summer of training in Calgary is really winding down at this point!  I managed to get back on my mountain bike this week with Brianne in Canmore!! 
Brianne RIPPING around some turns!

Aggressive climbs!!
 We also had a lobster party this week!! Em brought back a bunch of Lobsters from the East and we cooked them up and had a feast!!!  Messy and sketchy because they were alive, but SOOO DELICIOUS!!!!
 TRying to make them "sleep" before they get BOILED TO DEATH.
 Thanks Em!!! Such a treat out here in cowtown!
 We've also had a bunch of beach volleyball sessions!! Almost pro....
 Eve and I posing in Phil's sunglasses reflection!
 AND I checked out the Chuck Wagons at the Calgary Stampede also!!
 fun fun funnnnnnnn
 The boys did a park workout while we prepped for VOLLEYBALL battles.
 AND today I was lonely without MP since she LEFT so I made a tie-dyed shirt! I think it's cool!
Hopefully a bit more stampede action this weekend and also a Fast and Female Mountain Bike event tomorrow!

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