Wednesday, January 26, 2011

we are becoming professional snowshoers... true story.

We braved the -30 weather on Monday and skied all over Tremblant! Other than the weather it was a perfect, sunny, completely un-crowded, hero-snow day!!  Best run of the day was Kandahar... Marco is the reigning winner on the Chamonix Kandahar, so it seemed fitting that it was our favourite run!
 mmmmmm birthday cake!
 We've continued our snowshoe training and hit up some crazy ice cliffs today!!
 I found a crazy ice-window and let it contort my face into funny expressions.....
 ha ha ha
 I had my face wedged between the ice and a huge rock. it was awesome.
 FREESTYLING snowshoeing!! off-roading, so hardcore!!
 made it to the lake! so i took a break from my aggressive snowshoeing and made an angel.
 Marco sat on his throne....
 And I tried to be cool but fell into a heap on the ground instead! almost.... almost.........
obviously I still need some more training to become the true snowshoer I know I have the potential to be.
Gonna hit up the gym tomorrow to work my glutes and hammy's for future snowshoe expeditions!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Quarter Century!

Yesterday I had my quarter century birthday! I can finally rent cars for cheaper!!!!And I got to celebrate up north with my parents and Marco over a yummy cornbread breakfast and a delicious raclette dinner!
Between delicious meals we ventured out into the -30 degrees Celsius weather...
 My jet-lag woke me up early so I went OUTSIDE where it was so cold that my fingers burned and my breath felt like frozen daggers in my throat, just to take this sunrise pic and draw a little diagram in the snow.
 beautiful bluebird frosty morning. 
 Snowshoeing with my dad leading the way.

 my mom GOT SWAGG!!!!! marco makes it look as though it's not actually -30.....
 we snowshoed up around Blueberry hill, one of my favourite places to go jogging in the summer!
 freshies!! haha.
Although its absolutely FREEZING, my californian man and I are venturing out to SKI today at Tremblant where it is currently below -30.  
I have totally become a fair-weather skier over the last few years, so today will be a test for both of us to see whether or not we can handle this weather! And yes, I just said weather 3 times.......

Thursday, January 20, 2011

5th and 10th in Europa Cups!

Since Maribor was cancelled we headed to Tarvisio, Italy to do two Europa Cup slaloms...
There were a bunch of german, swedish and italian world cup girls so it was a pretty competitive race!! I thought I skied pretty well and ended up 5th on the first day and 10th on the second day!!  I won a huge sausage made of unknown meats and a hoodie. amazing.  It's always fun in Europe to be on (or close to) the podium because most of the races give out cool prizes!
It was perfect ICY hard conditions so I was pumped to get to race on something sweet rather than in the slush of Maribor.
Here's our HUGE slalom teaM!!!! yay slalom!
 THanks JS for taking all the picssss!
 Britt was 10th the first day! Here we are on the top 10 podium!!  (i'm almost there.....)
 yeah! I look unimpressed but I just wasn't posing up to my potential!! haha.
The podium was Frida Handstotter, Katharina Duerr and Fanny Chmelar! (and then a little lower down was me... )
 rocking the super fitted Europa cup bibs!!
 Pre-start! buckling the boots!
 amazing warm up techniques.
 And amazing sunsets!!! From the van not so amazing, but I tried!
 Happy full moon!!!  
We've made our way to Switzerland for one last race before heading HOME!!!!!
It's been snowing since we got here and the GS already got cancelled, so keep your fingers crossed for us!!!  PLUS there is no internet!!! It seems crazy to not have internet sometimes!!! Eve and I walked around town looking for a place to connect and finally found one after 20 minutes of fruitless searching!
HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!!! from the internet addicts.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Race Cancelled in Maribor.

Maribor slalom CANCELLED!!
Due to overly soft and warm conditions....
The race crew was bootpacking as we headed up the chair for warmup.
 Red sky in the morning over Maribor.
 Here's the grass-surrounded warmup run!
 More crazy skies.
 Warming up with a sweeet back drop!
 erin is flexible!!! 
 cool view of the chair and city..... 
 My blogging friend!!! Resi and I were both snapping pics for our blogs!! haha! You can check hers out at
 Anyway, Mitch and I headed down once they cancelled the race (we hadn't even begun to warm up yet...) 
 And headed down the race hill!  They let us run half of the course!! It was cool to ski down what would have been the race, but the conditions were so terrible that it actually wasn't that cool.  After that I knew they had made the right decision to cancel. 
 Hopefully the race gets replaced at some point!!   Now we are off to do some EUROPA CUPS in ITALY!!!! the conditions are amazing there!! SHould be some good races!

AND here are some pics from Zagreb that I forgot to post!
 Up through the clouds of Zagreb......
We are off to Italy!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

random pictures from around the suburbs of Maribor, Slovenia.

We've arrived in warm and sunny Slovenia outside the city of Maribor.  I'm guessing we're in the suburbs or something!
Since it's so warm and sunny, the race is looking iffy.  Chemicals, watering, and no skiing on the slope are hopefully gonna make the race possible tomorrow!  we shall see.
otherwise, I walked around earlier and took a million pictures of bricks poking through the sides of buildings.... 
And a rustic looking well
 and a funky coloured building!
 More exposed bricks.
 cool rundown house.
 crazy wall textures with the red door.
 there is no point to this picture other than to show the GREEN GRASS!
 spooky drylander eve.
 la lune.
spying on the ski room!!!

a random picture blog that has nothing to do with skiing!! We are chasing down some snow tomorrow in faraway places, hopefully we find some!!!