Saturday, July 23, 2011

I LOVE THE HEAT WAVE! (winter starts tomorrow)

Crazy, hot, fun, mellow, happy week!!
It's been a busy couple of days.  I left packing up our Calgary house to the last minute, piled up 8 garbage bags full of who-knows-what, got COMPLETELY HAILED on, squeezed in one final velodrome session, packed my car full of all my stuff and moved out, went for AMAZING pizza in my now "old" neighbourhood with new friends,  took a red-eye flight home, went straight to Tremblant and CHILLED on the LAKE.
Here's the hail that was my last impression of Calgary.... (ridiculous weather)
The day after the hail storm in Calgary I was sitting in the East Coast HEAT WAVE, loving every degree of it, on Lake Tremblant.
 Fresh Quebec berries in the morning...
 A short hike to my favourite view-point...
 And then a longer hike up Blueberry hill.  This is me in my happy place.  There is a perfect sitting spot on the rocks overlooking Lake Tremblant and the surrounding areas.  total bliss.
 It's not called blueberry hill for no reason.  I picked a few along the way.
 They're everywhere!
 Part of the hike back down "whale's back"
 I found some rasberries growing along the way as well!!
 Then the girls came!!!! Anna, Em and Anne-Marie came up to enjoy the lake and the heat before Anna's baby shower!! We went KAYAKING!

 it was a beautiful afternoon!
 The water was SOOO CALM entering the Cache River.
 reflecting on reflections.
 EMILY is SUPER talented!! Look at that POWER!!!!
 We had one last early morning coffee on the dock this morning and headed back to Montreal for a TEA PARTY!! 
 so chic
 beautiful prego ladies!! Anna and Gail.
 Team RED necklaces!!! There were different coloured necklaces for different teams for the games!
 love these girls!
 And the three pretty sisters celebrating the soon-to-be-arrival of a new family member!!
An awesome way to end my "summer" since I am heading to WINTER tomorrow in new zealand to SKI!!
I haven't started packing yet and I don't know where to start! It's been a while and my ski stuff is buried somewhere since February!! I am 100% motivated to ski and rip some turns, but 0%motivated to start packing...... So anyway I guess I'll go try and start on that....... missing the lake already!!!!!!!

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