Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'll jump in the river if you jump in the river.

My final pics from the Smith.
Another cool campsite...
 Another ridiculous latrine in a field.
 GREEN meadows and rolling hills....
 Marco caught something!!!
 reeling it in and netting it.
 ta daaa! nice work. and then we let him swim free once again.
 We saw this guy crossing the river to his cabin on the most ridiculous machine-contraption... nifty!
 Sarah was crushing the rowing while Jim did a model shoot.
 Time for a swimming break at an eddy! eddy party!
 Cave stop! Matt and Curt approaching.....
 yeah buddy
 hanging in the cave!!
 AND we hiked up to "table rock"
 AND I planked it!
 planking's just cooler than standing... just sayin. 
 Another swimming and horseshoe-playing break on a beach along the way.
 And then we stopped one last time for our final SKETCHY hike to another crazy cool cave!
 we made it!! it's a miracle. ted didn't though....
 there were petroglyphs on the walls of the cave!! 
 everyone do your coolest pose!

 such a cool pic of the cave and our crew.
 AND that's it!! We had a pretty sunset our last night, packed up in the morning and rafted to the finish!!
such and amazing trip, so many laughs and awesome times.  I miss the amazing feeling you get once you finally jump into the FREEZING river!! It's a full body cold tub that leaves you feeling raw and stung from the FREEZINGNESS, but so energized and AWAKE and alive!
thanks again to Trevor and Chelsea and the whole crew for an epic long weekend.

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