Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random is the new cool!

I've been home from Calgary for two weeks but have yet to blog about it!!
I have been working on making my blog more user-friendly and did some intense coding and internet tutorials to make a little menubar!! I am truly proud of it!!! It may be my brothers' computer programming amazing skillz that have somehow transferred over to me in a small menubar-making way!!
So there you have it, Pictures, Results, Twitter, Videos, and ugliest-picture-of-me-ever BIO!  I made my "youtube channel" more interesting with a few vids from skiing and life, and I made my Public Picasa album more interesting with lots of Olympic pics and random other sweet shots.
Anyway..... enough about coding and whatnot... 
I have some random pics kicking around my computer that aren't beautiful nature pics (since I have been immersed in the city for a while) but they are sweet nonetheless.
Calgary recap:
Giggles in physio!
 Glitterfying the girls at Fast and Female!!
 Tuesday night BROKENTOYZ!!!
 ROCKING OUT to 80's rock and pretending I know all the words!!!
 Shopping the Kelly Mcbroom way.  A.k.a always keeping the leg elevated no matter what/where/when! COMMITMENT!!
 drinking DELICIOUS peppermint-licorice tea!
 I arrived home in Montreal, greeted by my moms pretty tulips.
 Hung out with JU! we know how to have funnnnnnnn!  Last year during rehab year #1 we became a lot closer thanks to Jeff and I tearing our knees at the same time!! I'm so glad she's here for rehab #2! 
More giggles!!!
 WOW!!! That's a 12 year difference between the pics....
13 years old and 25 years old!!
Andree-Ann and I: ski friends are friends forever!
 And I got inspired for more "then and now's"........
This must be a 20 year difference!! haha!!
I miss that sweet white and pink helmet!!!  I finally learned how to get on my outside ski!! YEAH!
 And one more random pic.....
I finally went to fondue at a Swiss themed restaurant in Colorado.
I've been craving fondue all year and despite having travelled through Switzerland and France, never managed to get some! So of course in a place very far from swiss-land in a restaurant that had a painting of a mountain that I've skied beside, I finally got some yummy swiss cheese fondue! mmm!
So that's another random blog, randomness seems to be my theme lately, BUT I am newly inspired for one last sweet blog before Surgery on MONDAY!
STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

i like this. 
Surgery's in 2 weeks!! Gotta bling up my crutches once again so that I will at least look slightly cool!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

cool things, unrelated to ANYTHING ever!

I have finally left Calgary (for now) and just wanted to send out a huge thanks to KENT, Chris, Matt Jenny, Jay and the whole rehab crew!  it's been good times.  Also thank you Broken Toys, you make Tuesday nights awesome.  I will look forward to Tuesday's this summer !! 

Summer is approaching, I heard the Canadian Geese constantly honking their way around Calgary, and I am starting to figure out a plan for me and my hip!  Unfortunately another summer starting off with rehab, but I've been down this road and know that coming back stronger and FASTER is completely feasible! 

My goal setting has begun, and I am getting motivated to figure everything out and come back stronger physically and mentally.
Until then, here are a bunch of RANDOM things I have been enjoying and dilly-dallying my time around with....
My new obsession with licorice Tea and doodling. And learning to spell Licorice??? oops.

Karen and Erik's green/blue eyed kittycat.
 I agree. and I'll have a cupcake to prove it.
 yes, please?
 Newest snack obsession that could land me on MAN VS FOOD (or woman vs food)....
BAKED BRIE WITH brown sugar. mmmm soooo delicious, sooooo unhealthy, and sooooo irresistible!! 
 My new boom box! For real!! This thing BUMPS!  Especially on granite countertops! partayyyy.
 :) happy and flowery.

This blog is completely random, but so is my life.
Just wanted to share some sweet moments over the last few days in Calgary.
I'm now in London for a day and then back to Montreal!! I am lugging around WAYY too much luggage that has yet to be unpacked since World Champs; so that should be interesting.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fast and Female!

It was an EARLY morning this morning, especially with "spring forward," but getting up early was for a good cause!! I attended a "fast and female" event as an Ambassador!
"Fast and Female" is was founded by Olympic Cross-Country skiing medalist Chandra Crawford as an effort to empower girls from ages 9-19 through different sporting events which inspire confidence and leadership!  Today's event took place at the Nordic Centre in Canmore and drew about 100 girls all ready to participate in tons of cross-country skiing activities, yoga and dancing!

The sunrise was my early morning inspiration.
Pink mountain tops.

The girls all arrived and proceeded to organize into groups and make group posters and group names!!
These were the "racing tu-tu's"!!
The next step was to GLITTERFY!
Thank's to Jodie's LIT products, we were all beauties!
M&H is getting everyone inspired while the girls help each other Glitterfy themselves.
After colouring and glittering, it was time to head outside and get going with the different activities. 
group photo!
My station!! THE SLALOM STAION... not the most popular! haha!
Kelly's station won more popularity... JUMPING!!!!

It was fun to get out there and see tons of young girls enjoying their sport so much!

Friday, March 11, 2011

fun physio times

I'm still here in Calgary, chillin at physio with the rehab crew!  Injuries aren't that much fun, but Kent's physio palace makes for some pretty fun and funny times.
We've become obsessed with MANTRACKER and giggle our way through physio, working out and icing.  
SEE!! Proof of the laughter!  Lup being lup.
Johnny's serious pose, surrounded by weights.  hardcore.

ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! SPIDERRRRRRRRRRR
Tarantula's don't affect Kelly, she's still Reverse Planking!! pure focus right there!
Crazy spider getting trippy.
Lup getting treated.........
and SUPERMANS!!! But if you didn't know what I was doing, this pic looks really weird.
AND we watched ERIK come 2nd today in Norway!  Congrats!!
After physio it's all about carbo-loading!! haha.
Mercato's homemade pasta!! yummmmmmmmmmmmy!  And meatballs! of course.

No real news yet about surgery, but things are progressing really well here so far!
I've been able to get out into the fresh (FREEZING) air a couple times this week to go jogging.  I love how I feel after jogging in the cold with my cheeks all flushed and my body feeling good.  I'm not much of a runner (it's pretty much a walking pace), but I've been craving the fresh air since coming to Calgary and lately I've been missing the cold wind on my face; so jogging's what I've got!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

fresh air in the mountains.

I hit the road yesterday and headed for the mountains!
 It's always nice driving with this kind of backdrop....
 Kelly and I then hit the mountain roads this morning to check out the beauty that surrounds canmore.

Photo-ops all over!
 Yoga right now is definitely not my forte....
 REHAB 2011! 
 she's PHOTOBOMBING me!!!!
 no stoppin us.

 ice fishing
icy windshield looks like diamonds.
back to this TOMORROW!! But it was nice to get into the mountains for a bit of fresh air and pretty scenery.