Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just a day in Beaver Creek!

Mitch and I are both here in Beaver Creek to cheer on our men and have a little break from skiing!
Today was the first training run for the Downhill and we soaked up the sun while waiting to see the guys fly off the final jump into the finish.

 The day started with some TWEETS about the cancellation on Val D'Isere and the replacement HERE next week!  There will be a mens GS, womens SG and mens Slalom starting next Tuesday!  Very cool!
Matt and Mitch were sending out some twitter info the minute we all found out!
 Erik coming through the finish line.
 Erik's sweet goggles!

 Course report for the rest of the guys....
 Marco jumping!!! blur fail. trying to make something cool but just doesn't work out with a fixed zoom lens.... oh welL!
 le finish area.
 Some of the guys on the bus down from the finish....
 Shawn with all his ROSSI's.!!
 An arrow pointing at Andrew's.....what?
 Unstrapping and wiping down the skis.... look at all the skis!!!
 And the coolest pair by far!! For Austin!!
It's nice to have a little break to rest and refocus for the upcoming races!  Loveland didn't exactly go the way I had hoped, but I left there feeling really good on my skis and confident for some more races.
AND congrats to MP! She won the NorAm GS today in Aspen.

Monday, November 28, 2011

This month's SkiPresse article is OUT!

Check out my latest article for SkiPresse and get to know my "ski sisters" better!  
The article was written about the women's technical team from our point of view. 

Here's a couple pics from our photoshoot for the article

 red morphsuit = HILARIOUS= maddy.  Avec "la princesse(in an awesome way)" Eve on her knee. ANd me and my COFFEE addiction! haha.  And Fiery mitch!

good times!! 

Aspen recap and some norams!

Yesterday I raced the world cup slalom in Aspen and I came in 20th place!  I had some really great moments, especially my first run starting from bib 44 and coming into 8th place.  The second run was half great, and then half SLOW.  It's unfortunate, especially since at the halfway time (the split time) I was ranked 6th, but then I held back on the bottom and didn't let it run which bumped me back to 20th place.  I'm pumped to know that I'm back in the hunt for some great results, and there's a lot to be learned from the second half of my second run. It's a sweet feeling to know that I am fast and can be right in there, and it's also sweet to know that there is so much more to gain from a 20th place result in world cup.  
Right now I am working on getting back into the top 30 and lowering my FIS points which got bumped back after injury status last season (which explains bib 44).  We're in Loveland for the norams to try and get some points, but unfortunately this morning I straddled!!!! Oh well, it's all part of ski racing and I'm already excited for tomorrow's race and the rest of the season.  

Here are some pics from Alpine Canada: the first is Pentaphoto and the second is thanks to Erin's photographer dad Andy Mielsynski!
 credit: pentaphoto
credit: Andy Mielzynski

AND a few pics from watching second run of the GS race cheering on MP!
A random collage from the big screen and finish line...
the start, the middle, and the END!
 taking a picture while having a picture taken.
 Frank and Tom in the finish with us!
 See you tomorrow again aspen! I'll be racing the Nor-am GS's! 

Friday, November 25, 2011


Our Loveland session is over and we've arrived in Aspen!! Also known as in Dumb and Dumber as...

 Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talkin' bout a little place called...  As-pen.

So yeah, known to me as a sweet, steep, icy and terrain filled race; where you feel your lungs thanks to the altitude; and where I've had some great results and great shopping!
It's fun to be back here and after our "mock" race in Loveland today I am getting more comfortable with my race gear.  Race season is EXCITING! Gonna watch the girls rip some GS tomorrow: Mitch 21, MP 29, and Maddy 54.  AND of course The mens Downhill in Lake Louise!! Can't wait to check both out.

Until then, here are a few pictures!!
This one's thanks to Erin on the chair yesterday. We are showcasing some of our crazy awesome new colours!

 On of our favourite songs from last year inspired this picture!! SHINE ON!

 Our jacket really stands out.... especially in the Alice in Wonderland lobby....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

just another walk in the woods... Colorado Style!

We arrived in Colorado a couple days ago and have benefited from the icy hard training here.  It's been really fun to get back on ice and feel some speed in slalom.  We've been living in condos so I've been occupied in the kitchen lately!! Cooking up pizza+dough, the lime-coconut-sweet potato soup, and salmon with crushed pineapple.  YUMMY! I love cooking, espeically after two weeks of buffet food.
Today was a day off so I went for a walk to get some fresh air away from the Disney Thanksgiving marathon on TV....

ASPENS in prep for being in Aspen tomorrow! 
gnarled gnarly tree
 flowing creek under a blanket of snow.
 ICE forming on the shore of the creek....crazy patterns!
 thin ice
 sun setting, crazy sky.
 all the trees have been "vandalized..."  Like bad graffiti in nature.

 A little birds nest!!
 one can never have too many locks.....??? 
 Christmas lights..........

 At the end of my walk, I ran into Jay RUNNING 29mph!!! CRUSHING the speed limit!! crazyy
 Goodbye little creek! One more day of training and then off to Aspen!  Race is in three days!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the attack of the moustache: MOVEMBER

The mens and women's tech teams flew to Denver together yesterday and it was apparent that MOVEMBER is in the air....
The guys grow their stache's every November to help raise awareness for Prostate Cancer.
You can donate toThe Canadian Mo Ski Team at the links below

Mike:  (to support team KidSport)

I also "borrowed" Cousi's moustache and photoshopped it to our faces!!  
Yay Movember.
A few more inspiring mo's....
Me and MP this spring...
 Me and Marco!!! MO STYLE

 crazy hair and crazy mo's

And now we're off to RIP SOME SLALOM GATES in WARM and sunny Colorado!