Monday, November 29, 2010

Loveland hat trick!

WArming our boots today in the lodge reminded me of hanging our stockings for Christmas!   I've celebrated the holidays in Kirchberg for the last few years with the girls, so it's been a while since I've hung a stocking by my fireplace.
p.s. it's cold. can you tell!!?! BUT NOT NAKISKA COLD.  that was just evil.
Today we raced in Loveland and I won!
The first run felt pretty good and my second run involved a lot of fighting and struggling but I made it down and my combined time held on!  Loveland has been good to me, I won here twice last year at these same norams, so I'm trying to keep it going!!!!  It was a tight race and I gaver' as hard as I could! Tomorrow I'm gonna try to attack and NEVER HESITATE!! It's like mountain biking!! The minute you hesitate, you're totally screwed.
Thanks Jay, Jim, Tim, JS, MARTIN and Jenny!! we have an awesome staff and don't credit them enough on here!!
Tomorrow we have another slalom noram, and then I am heading to Beaver Creek to join up with "BEAVERFEST" to cheer on marco this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

ASPEN.... the comeback has begun...

Today was my first race back with 2 poles intact! It felt good to be back in the start and trying to push myself to go FASTER! I still have a ways to go to be "back" to where I left off, but I think coming in 23rd place today was a good start to a great season.  I had some really good sections, and some really struggled sections, but overall I had 2 decent runs and scored some world cup points!  I still have lot's left "in the tank" (as my coaches would say), and the next few weeks (including Nor-Ams tomorrow and Tuesday) should be a big step for me in terms of gaining some more training and CONFIDENCE!  I feel like coming back from injury has a mental and physical aspect that are both hurdles that I am overcoming.  Mentally I am trying to get back into race mode where I trust myself and my skiing 100%; and physically, without nearly as much training as an injury-free year, it's hard to really put it all on the line without any doubts.  
Anyway, the season has officially begun for me and I am happy to be back and happy to have a starting point from which I will only move forward!!!  My training has been constantly improving and I know the races will follow suit.

So, here's my weekend in a NUTSHELL!
The girls and I went up to cheer on Chemmy, MP and Mitch in Saturday's GS race.  They are all skiing really well in training and it's just a matter of confidence and trust for them to all be right in there.
Here's CHEMMY! Our team possi-positive!!
 Mitch racing through the finish-line.
 Testing out my sweet "Sky Hotel" zebra robe by the feu by the pool..... probably the sweetest hotel we stay in during the seasoN!
 Playing in the POOL!! Mitch being funny!
 ahhhhhhh paradise.
 I wanted to recreate my LEVI reindeer kissingness, so I posed with this guy!
And I got petted by a BEAR!  I am totally bonding with animals lately.
 We checked out some fireworks!!!

the throne!
A huge congrats to Eve's first world cup points (19th) and another sweet race by Mitch (15Th!)
 yay slalom team.  we are gonna have some good times this year!!! And by good times I mean FAST TIMES!
I am le tired.

Norams start tomorrow and they will be the perfect opportunity to continue to find my race gear and my race confidence!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

random pics taking a walk this morning in Nakiska.

We are heading to Colorado tonight for a couple days of training and the the Aspen world cups.
I took one last little stroll in the frigid weather in kananskis this morning.
The wind was howling.
 have a look!

 Christmas is soon, and snow covered trees make me happy.
 The sun poking through the forest.
 Morning light on the snow.
 and layers and layers of trees.
goodbye nakiska, hello COLORADO!

Monday, November 22, 2010

bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's minus a MILLION.

Today it was -37 celcius.... not including the wind chill.
This is what I have to do to my face so that I won't completely freeze it off.  It's the first time in my life that I have ever taped my face. not impressed. p.s. my ears are taped too. so extreme.

Kelly made this hilarious video depicting some of our recent feelings and activities regarding the FREEZING weather here in Nakiska!!!

AND, here are some more pics I took randomely avoiding the frostiness!
THE FULL MOON!!! The fog actually cleared the other night and I snapped a few pics as I ran from one building to the other, trying to avoid the cold at all costs....
 The Christmas lights make me happy and almost help me forget my frostbite for a few moments every night.
 The Delta decorating staff deserves some props for this beauty. ha
 M.P's breath even has SWAGG!
We've been cozying up in the hot tub after our afternoon workouts to keep warm! Chemmy and Georgia!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


The mornings have been early and the snow has been plentiful.  THe last few days have been filled with powder snow, power slipping and some GS training.
Here's the little path we carved into the snow to get to the lift in the early early morning!
Team SLIPPING!!! Trying to push all of the snow out of our course!! intense....
It's a winter wonderland here!
Despite the cold and cloudiness, we're still happy to be back in our homeland ripping some turns!
Eve, me and Mitch.

The sun finally succeeded in poking through the clouds yesterday...
And it turned out to be a beautiful and FREEZING (-26) day.  Lot's of teams are up here enjoying the new snow and the frigid weather!!! EVeryone's prepping for either Aspen or Lake Louise!! It's exciting!
It's so exciting that the girls had another dance party!! EXTREME VAN DANCING!
Extreme jacket modeling by JAY.  Mens and women's combo.
AND Finally, some extreme dryland skillz.... haha. 
You can find another of my "amazing" balance skillz on Georgia's blog.... but by amazing, I mean ridiculously bad, and by Georgia's blog, I mean SUPERMAN FAIL.
Anyway, the sun is shining and we have a day off!!
WHo know's what's in store!! Maybe some more photo montages!! hhaha.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I GOT SWAGG photoshoot!

MP has started her new line of neckies!  They are all funky and fun and her label is called "I got SWAGG."

According to the urban dictionary, the definition of Swagg is:
mostly known as style, unique part of what makes you different than the others in a cool way. the way you carry yourself(confidence), your gear(clothes), and anythin else that is pimpin!
SO basically, you confidence and style!
Here's a preview of what could become another sweet video....


"swagg is the way you carry yourself and your gear."

and may the SWAGG be with you!