Monday, July 11, 2011

MONTANA: Smith RIver Trip Day 1

I spent the last few days completely disconnected from EVERYTHING and went on a river trip in Montana.  Trevor and Chelsea hosted 25 of us, 10 rafts, and many epic moments.  The 5 days flew by way too fast and I have a whole new appreciation for the beauty that is Montana. 
This blog can only cover day 1.  I love taking pics and the whole trip was documented!! Only like 800 pictures!! Everything was just so breathtaking and our whole setup rafting and camping was tres cool.  I was a total rookie coming into this trip, but now I know I love river trips!! Especially with The Jackson Crew!!!!!
Thank you thank you thank you to Trevor and the 24 others for such an epic trip.  I really needed a deep breath of fresh Montana air!!
So here is where it starts!!
The first day was mostly about getting setup and launching the boats.  It was a shorter day of rafting and our final stop was at this natural spring/shower! I brought my sweet bike short tan to the SMith and decided to show it off!  Chelsea and I posed of course.
 Across the river we set up camp.

The toilets were hilarious, just a hole in the ground with a little toilet above, no walls, no nothing.
 EVerything was so lush !
 It rained for about a minute that day, only a trace of it was left behind.

 Another cool looking latrine
 pretending to be boulderers..... is that a word??

 We had barely even emerged into the canyon that hosted us for the next 3 days of rafting and camping.

 It was a mellow, relaxing first day in nature.
The next few days got better and better until we all parted ways this afternoon :(
Five days flies by when you're surrounded by the beauty of Montana, camping, fresh air, river showers, friends, laughter, stories, and eddy parties.

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