Saturday, July 30, 2011

skiing is fun !

The last few days have been so much fun, we've done more GS and Super G this week than I have in the last 2 years and it's been awesome.  Starting from scratch again is exactly what I've needed and I'm already excited to get back into some GS races next season!!! Yeah!
We have a day off today, Lake Tekapo looks amazing as usual and the temperature's dropping!! Slalom starts tomorrow! yay! 
Otherwise, here are a few more low quality pics....!  It's just so beautiful here that I take the same pictures over and over again and don't care if I get repetitive.  
I was practicing my newfound gymnastics skills warming up the other day... EARLY!
 Ridiculous views from training GS!!!! I'm into it.
 Clouds were looming but the storm never came!
 repetition.... so what.
 sunrising on the hill...
MP Larisa and Eve being super cool.
 more warmup shenanigans
 so zen...

I'm tres excited to start ripping some slalom turns tomorrow!!!! But for now I'll keep sipping my flat white by the fire in this cafe overlooking the beautiful lake!  

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