Thursday, July 19, 2012


This month has been crazy busy.
Mostly the SKI SISTERS camp!
So far it has been awesome.  The girls are great and we are having tons of fun.  The days are jam packed with skiing, dryland, cooking, meetings, video and tuning! 
I am loving it!
Here's some stuff from the journey to Whistler for the SKI SISTERS RACING camp!
stopover in the Tetons
made it to canmore to cook!
and to silk screen our camp t-shirts! shona gettin crafty!

hats and shirts hand made!
MUFFINS.....sooo many muffins
Aurevoir canmore
voyage to whistler
made it! and picked up all the girls!!
yahoooo here we go!
first ride up to the Horstman glacier
bad weather can't bring us down!
so we did a sundance... and it worked!
yippppeeeeeeee epic jumping pic on top of Whistler coming down from the Peak chair.
 fun fun fun in the SUN! paddleboarding!

This week is flying by........ check more out at

Monday, July 2, 2012

busy busy busy fun fun fun

Summer is flying by.
Between adventures, activities, and whatever else we feel like doing, suddenly it's July and the Ski Sisters camp is right around the corner!
Despite our mission to do fun things, Marco's still puts in many hours of training.
I checked some of it out this week!
Med ball, ladder, hurdles, swiss ball etc.  Agility in the park!
 We also volunteer mountain bike "coached" with Emily and Alli for NORTH TAHOE BIKE FORCE!
The girls started a mountain biking club for 11-17 year olds who RIP mountain bikes!
 trying new things....
 Claiming our ride!
 single footed jumping!
 Crossing the resevoir

 And finally: slow races, single pedal races, and lots of other fun races to finish off the session.
 More Marco workouts.

And then our own mountain biking fun on CANADA DAY!
 RIding above Lake Tahoe.

 Looking down at Ward Canyon and the backside of Alpine Meadows.
 at the TOP.  Finally.....
 Waterfalls on the way down.
 And a river reward at the end!! haha!
 It was also Nate's wedding weekend!!! The ceremony took place at an amazing spot above Lake Tahoe.
 Hair in my face.
 The man of the hour!
 beautiful spot.
 New and old friends!

Awesome week, happy CANADA DAY yesterday!!!!!