Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still RAINING, but at least i got a SWEET NEW LENS! yippee yahooo

still raining... what is going on???
I am getting cabin fever at the gym. PLus wasting WAY too much time online... (reddit haha)
My mom is trying to entertain me with her "fall decorations..." ha. she is funny.
and pretty!!

and yesterday's stuff... dont wanna put another post cause it proves how addicted I am to posting.  So I'm just gonna add to the old one and pretend it's all the same except that I just wrote that.
I am bored of the rain.  I wanna be outside. I will probably go bike in the rain and boycott the gym.
That pretty much sums up the craziness of rainy days in tremblant.
new lens! ran outside in the pouring rain and took a few pictures because I was so excited!!
Can't wait to actually start using it!
Yay for internet purchases!

These are totally unedited, this is what just came off of my camera. au naturel.

The sun was finally pushing through the clouds as I arrived in Tremblant
That yellow leaf caught my eye
This tiny little tree had the nicest leaves!
the rain's almost over!

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy day BURSTS of craziness!! (ALL NATURAL)

Guess what? it's raining.
Now I have to go BACK to the gym and sit on the stationary bike forever..... bleh (or as shona or MP would say WWWAAAA. like a baby.)
So, I found a crazy old umbrella and walked outside and OH MY GOD THE FOREST IS EXPLODING!!!
Bursts of crazy colour streaming through the forest... god? is that you?
blehhhh. foggy dreary.... i got the rainy day blues
just joking.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another amazing day in TREMBLANT!

Woke up with the SUN in my eyes. looks freaky but I didn't change this or anything!! the sun was blinding me from my beD!
another sweet day in OH CANADA
the sun shining through the leaves on my way down to the lake
Tree took over the rock. they are loverssssss
my cousin mike! visiting for the weekend.
My parents, mike and I paddled up the Cache River
plants blocking my way in the river. damn.
Mike and my mom left, and my dad and I headed up to find another river on foot!
Hidden river... in english.
A cool bridge.  We turned left up a trail just before going over the bridge.
My dad leading the way to the Petit Riviere Cachee...
The other little river thing....
so pretty
could not stop taking pictures
I love maple leaves and I love maple syrup.
Back on land, the trail back up to the house.
self portrait.

Friday, September 25, 2009

j'aime l'automne

I am seriously obsessed with how amazing the colours are right now.
I almost hit a car on my road because I was so caught up with staring up at the trees.
This probably doesn't do any justice to reality, but I tried.

Brooke and I conquered Tremblant. it was rad.
I stare at these cows and that lonely tree every day and wonder why the farmer left just that one tree in his field?

Poor tree only has cows for friends...
I love birches. and lamp.
its fake but i dont care.
trees are cool

its like they are on fire, but not on fire. trippy.

This season makes me like Quebec.  Hopefully it will be this sweet next weekend too so I can prove to marco that quebec does not totally suck.  Anyway, I am going to go ride a crappy mountain bike with Britt and her crappy mountain bike around our HOOD YO. late.

view from my house

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When being bored is a good thing!

I am embracing boredom
It has been gloomy rainy weather and I am in Tremblant alone loving home and the occasion to do absolutely NOTHING. Other than daily gym sessions and taking a few pictures to kill time away from the internet, boredom has actually been fun. It's nice to be totally alone and realize at around noon that I just spoke out loud for the first time that day!! ha. that might be a little extreme, but this week is probably my last real time to relax and re-center before the season starts!
The rain was so nice and refreshing. And made everything look so colorful!!
Peeking through the woods at the lake....
I went out to "the rock" and  "stretched/posed/wannabe-yoga/this is awkward but i thought it looked cool and took a picture..." I am embracing the view that I take for granted all summer, and then miss all winter!! The lake is so pretty, it's hard not to get caught in the moment just sitting out there!

The sun finally started pushing through the rising clouds and tomorrow should be a GREAT day for road biking!! The hills are slowly turning red/yellow/orange and everytime I look outside I wanna grab my camera and take pictures!!
Anyway this boredom won't last long, so even though sitting for most of the day may seem slightly ridiculous, it's probably exactly what I need right now!
aurevoir et a la prochaine!