Thursday, April 29, 2010

Randoms from lately!

Me, Stephen Harper, and Shona Rubens!  Just hanging out with our prime minister the other day! No big deal.  The bigger deal is my CONGRATULATIONS to Shona on her amazing career and recent retirement!  Next stop for her is driving from Alaska to Ushuaia next year.  I am going to really miss her, but I CANNOT wait to hear all about her future adventures.
I also had the opportunity to speak to a grade 5-6 elementary school class about my life as a ski racer and how important it is to always believe in yourself and go for your goals!
They had some amazing questions!! What was my favourite school subject? English.  What is my favourite colour? Green.  What other sports do I like? BIking, hiking, kayaking... etc!  It was fun and they were super enthusiastic!
And now I am in Truckee! For more than a week!!! IT's a miracle!  The boys are getting the boat ready for the lake!
The engine's running!
BUT it won't stop snowing.  There's 10cm on the ground right now. SO I am keeping myself entertained with new recipes!  Here we made spinach stuffed turkey, and breaded turkey! YUMMY.
AND it was Marco's 30th birthday this week, and my little brother's 22nd birthday!  Happy birthday to both of them!!!
Here's what 30 looks like!! hahah! We are having a 30th birthday week, so the festivities have barely begun....
One of our activities this week was dressing up and having a nice steak dinner in the BIGGEST LITTLE CITY IN THE WORLD: Reno. Date night!
Fur reallly brings this outfit together.  We were trying to have a non-dirty-thirty night and I think it worked!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's been an amazing and crazy past few days.  Yesterday was the parade downtown Montreal celebrating the huge success Canada had at the Olympics this winter.  It was so cool the see how many people turned up and to watch!!  And it was cool to get to hang out with everyone again!
Here we go!
Me, Shona and Erin, getting our smiles ready for a dayful of smiling and waving.
Funny girls Mp and Mitch.  For some reason these expressions seem so typical to both of them! I love my team!
Alex Bilodeau and Joannie Rochette were in a car following us.  They are a huge deal, especially in QUEBEC!

Waving to the massive crowds!

Alex Bilodeau and Joannie Rochette in a fancy car waving to their adoring fans.
My biggest fans! Mom, Peter and Dad.   :)
People crammed all over the streets of the city.
Some sweet cirque du Soleil performers!
The beginning of an epic hair toss-off
take two
take ten
bonding: cousi and biggs

email me if you want one too! hahaha

Alpine Ladies ab-fab
MOTORBOATING.... take a million
After all the fun shenanigans at the parade, we dressed ourselves up (RARE OCCASION...) and hit the after parade dinner party / Olympic Hall of Fame inductions.
Walking the RED CARPET
Working the RED CARPET
Snazzy alpine boys clean up pretty well!
operation ACL rehab friends. still walking!
And the blue-eyed Berthiervillers!  Lup and Joannie!
All I can say is that it was an amazing evening.  The music was awesome, Tom Cochrane, Sarah Mclachlan, Simple Plan, Ginette Reno and the Canadian Tenors, all made for an unforgettable show.
It was WAY too much fun, and made me excited to celebrate again in four years!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Olympians at Parliament! And MOTORBOATS

Parliament!  Yesterday all the Olympians from 2010 arrived at Parliament and we were introduced onto the floor of the House of Commons!  It was really cool!!
But we weren't allowed cameras, so this is what I took a picture of as we all left the House of Commons and headed to a little reception with the Prime Minister and his posse.
All the medalists got presented Canadian flags that flew over the course of the Olympics.

And then.... we hung out with Ben Mulroney and took a train to MONTREAL...
We got a little bored on the train so we entertained ourselves with MOTORBOATS
This has to be an all time UGLIEST picture of my life and shona's life combined. epic fail
But I don't feel bad, since Ben Mulroney motorboated for us as well! hahaha
Come check it out! ST CATHERINES street!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

snow, snow, go away.

I can't believe it's still SNOWING!
The sun came out but the massive flakes continued to fall!  shadows and snowflakes.
continuing my obsession with pinecones, sunshine and snowflakes.
The pinecones were falling while I was standing outside! SKETCHY!
Anyway, I'm heading back East for the Montreal Olympic Parade!! Can't wait to catch up with everybody and watch Sarah Mclachlan preform!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just a bunch of pics!

Pictures from a weekend in TRUCKEE!
Climbing! Hansi showing that rock face who's boss...

BULL RIDING! Katie showing that bull who's boss...

Kevin: The best dressed bull rider of the day...
Tanning at Donner Lake...
Liederhosen wearing.... Nate and Marco getting dressed for the pig roast!
And Christin and I got to wear our Deirndl's ? Not sure how to spell it, but our sweet German dresses!
Dierndl's!! Me, Annika and Christin looking like some german barmaids!
EAT GOOD FOOD! Marco and I made another of "Anne Lindsay's" recipes: Orange Ginger Szechuan Chicken! 
BBQ's and bonfires!

Don't know how this happened, but it's sweet.  Rob taking the flames to his head.
Pinecones are cool.
so is truckee at Dusk.
Fishin' on the MIGHTY Truckee river!
Pondering life
more pinecones....
more pondering....
And  a lost phone....  :(