Wednesday, August 3, 2011

more good times in kiwi-land!

There's so many awesome things about New Zealand: beautiful scenery, amazing skiing, hero snow, THE BEST LIQUORICE, flat whites andddddd Kiwilicious Gold's! The gold kiwi's come with a spoon-knife in each package!! They're deeeeee-licious.  I went on a bit of a kiwi-gold rampage yesterday and had a lot in one sitting... so I thought I'd share one of my favourite snacks over here! yummy!
 We had an epic game of ultimate frisbee the other day with the ultimate backdrop! (Lake Tekapo)
 My technique needed improving... but I had the right attitude!! haha!
 Extreme stretches in the extremely early morning (7:15AM at the top!)
 EXTREME GROUP PLANKS!!!!!!!!!! slalom plank!
 extremely happy girls about to crush slalom!
 sunrising on the distant peaks.
One more day here at Roundhill and then we're moving to Queenstown to ski at Coronet Peak and Marco's there! I'm totally gonna ride the t-bar with him!! 

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  1. Anna! Call me if you want to meet up in QT : 021.107.1794