Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fast and Female Mountain bike event!

Today I volunteered as a Fast and Female ambassador at a mountain bike event in Canmore!! Although I'm far from pro, there were a bunch of the CAnadian Mountain bike team members around to show the girls some new tips and tricks!  It was cool to help out and see so many young girls ripping on mountain bikes!!!
My group was the "Wild Orchids" named after a popular trail in Canmore!
 I was at the climbing station where everyone learned new tricks about climbing, getting out of the saddle, and starting up on a steep!
  I was paired up with Emily Batty, a pro mtn biker, who shared some of her knowledge about biking with the girls!
 AND we finished the day off with a dance session!! I couldn't help but find myself laughing along with everyone else as we swayed and bopped to the beats! 
Another Great Fast and Female event!  So cool to see so many young girls getting involved in sweet sports!

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