Monday, June 25, 2012

forest fairies and blue hues

I am still so impressed with the Hood camp, the athletes, the other coaches and how much fun I had being on "the other side" coaching.  I left there with some great new friends and memories and hope to expand on this through the other camps I will be coaching this summer!  Including SKI SISTERS!! check out our latest blog with MP!
It was awesome to hang out with Sarah and be on the same team as her during the week.  Between Canadians and Americans, we never really get to know each other as well as we know our own teammates, so it was awesome to get to know her better this week and get inspired by her amazing energy!!
One of Sarah's pages that she let me photograph for Ski Sisters Racing really struck a note with me.  It's so simple and so true.  Check it out and a lot can be learned from diagrams like this.
 We even got the chance to do our own PHOTOSHOOT with some of the girls!!  Photo shoots never get old! Always entertaining and FUN.
Sarah, running through the woods.
 Sarah and Paula; forest fairies.
 playing in the river
 playing in nature
 And then ALL THE WAY BACK to California and some picnicking by the lake
 throwing rocks

 different depths and different hues.
 On a different beach, we checked out "music in the park" yesterday and enjoyed some serious "people watching"!
 This was my favourite... are tails the new thing?
Thanks again to Erich Sailer and the rest of the staff for an awesome week of coaching!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

from the hill

The view from the top of Mount Hood.

 Ski lanes, rolling hills, and that huge mountain in the distance....
 Matt.....thinking very very very hard about how to turn his new longer GS skis in a very tight course....
 Sarah! Working hard!!!
 with moments of peace.
 checking out the courses!  I've been setting this week too! Very fun!
 extreme gate saving.
 the youngest ones out there getting ready to rip the slalom course!
 Yeah Lasse!
 He made it around every gate! Very impressive!
That's all for now!  Second session starts tomorrow! woohoo!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


after another fun week in tahoe filled with activities and sunshine, I headed NORTH for my first "real" job: coaching for Erich Sailer at the Erich Sailer Ski Racing Camp in Mount Hood!

Pre-roadtrip last minute paddle boarding!
 The journey to Oregon.... lots of different cool landscapes!
 Lots of National Forests.
 Getting closer!
 Another cool mountain
 And finally, Mount Hood!
 We had an amazing first day of skiing and a rainy day today.  Despite the rain, the athletes pushed through and we ended the day with lots of success and smiles!  It's been really fun so far and challenging in new ways.  I like it!
 PLUS I am surrounded by the beauty of Oregon.  Trail running yesterday for dryland was breathtaking.  We were surrounded by lush, dark, green, thriving forest.
 Flowers everywhere
 And droplets all over from today's rain.

Although I've been LOVING waking up in California every morning to sunshine, it's nice to see some rain and all the green that comes along with it!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Just wrapped up a full day of downhill biking.  Left home at 8am, rolled in at 8pm.  We did 2 amazing rides: Mill Creek and Downieville.  It was sooooo much fun!
our crew!
 the first ride started out in the fresh snow from the last 2 days... insane.
 fresh snow coating the bright green moss on the trees.
 Lassen in the distance.

 Tire change pause...
 After six flats, Nate and Marco were pro tire-changers!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Parents in Tahoe!

We wrapped up my parents week in Tahoe with some hikes, some golf, and San Francisco to welcome my brother Peter to California for the summer!
5 lakes hike at Alpine was cool!
 beautiful glassy lake
 and of course, Marco went in!
 This is as far as I go!
as "Arctic Woman" I can safely say that I do NOT agree with this sign!
Walking home... that's our house!  At the end if the first hole.
Walking from Fisherman's Wharf, to Lombard Street.

 Then over to Signal Hill overlooking the bay.
 Looking back on crazy Lombard Street

 playing tourist.

 And then over to China Town!

It was all very cool, and fun to play tourist every once in a while!!!

Also, check out this week's blog on SKI SISTERS RACING featuring Kelly Vanderbeek's words of wisdom for Ski Sisters "what I know now that I wish I knew then".