Tuesday, December 25, 2012

christmas stories

SNOW SNOW SNOW in Tremblant!
 Christmas tree expedition
 Getting aggressive
 dressed for the part
 Marco taking charge.
 early mornings
 forest-fire-like snowguns blasting Tremblant
 ice forming on the lake
 snow covered everything

 winter wonderland!
 loading the tree

 wood pecking

 tree decorating
 alpen glow on the WHITE frosty mountains

 the final product....
 peter running around the freezing temps
Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

heading home!

I am finally heading home after a CRAZY month.  Today could be the cherry to top it all off when after leaving Shona's at 3:50 am in order to make my 7am flight back to Montreal, I arrived to the airport only to find out that I actually booked my flight for yesterday.... fail.  PLUS the only gas station near the airport was not open yet, so I was the sucker paying triple the gas price for the emptiness in the tank that I left at the rental return.
So anyway here I am, new ticket and all, in the Calgary airport killing time. Three cups of coffee and numerous random snacks are helping me stay awake until my flight back to the homeland!!!! I haven't been home for Christmas in about six years and I cannot wait! I finished exams last week, booked it to Calgary, drove to Pano, and raced the next day in both noram slaloms.  Both went surprisingly well for all of the sitting - and lack of activity - that had been my life since arriving back at school after working for FIS in Lake Louise.  My back realizes that I jumped into the races wayyyy to fast, but my skis still feel like old friends.  It was fun to challenge myself and build on each run, but also to catch up with old friends. I drank toooo much coffee at Lusti's coffee shop, and bummed a couch off whoever was willing to help me out!  It was a random, funny, experience that left me grateful for the friends I have in ski racing who continue to welcome me back with open arms despite my random status!! With all of that said, I'll still be racing this winter at the noram and college level! It should be fun, especially once I start to train!! I'll leave the training for after the Christmas Holiday.  I can't wait to sit back, relax, and enjoy what I've been missing for these past few years.
Happy Holidays to everyone!! I will be sure to post whatever Christmas card-pose I can convince Marco so stage with me. It will be hard to one-up last years though:
And it will also be hard to one-up the card we made 3 years ago in Courchevel with the girls: Mitch, Eve, Erin, and I.
Anyway, here's a couple more random things from my crazy month...
Driving through the beautiful Kootenay Park
 Christmas party - moustache party - with the coolest roommate everrrrrr!
 pretty things in UTAH.

Monday, November 26, 2012


I have been on a whirlwind tour lately!  I left Utah ten days ago and spent five days coaching at Winter Park with the Buck Hill ski team! Good times! It's always fun to work with kids and other fun coaches. We even got to be part of a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner! Yum!

The coolest news is my new job with FIS!  I am so excited about this job and I have been loving the role that I have been given as the "media relations."  You can check out some of my articles on the http://www.fisalpine.com covering the ladies tour in Aspen and Lake Louise.  
 Last weekend was in Aspen and I took tons of pics, so here you go!
 I got to see my friends!! MP
 Eve and Martin
 Erin and Mitch!

I also took tons of pics from the races.
Here are my favourites:
Mikaela Shiffrin happy after rocking GS

 Hugues and Tim riding the early chair for jury inspection.
 Jury Inspection...

 Tanja Poutiainen riding the chair and smiling!

 Marlies Schild after her first slalom run.
 Lena Duerr after her first slalom run
 Kathrin Zettel super excited after WINNING the slalom!
 PODIUM in slalom
 happy in the leaderbox

 Lara Gut stoked on a great GS run.
 Mitch and Manuela rocking the leaderbox in slalom

It's been really fun working with FIS and being part of the races but in a different way.  Lake Louise is next, but first I am gonna try to rock some norams.