Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2 on the Smith River

Day 2 was another beaty day!!!
We packed up camp and got back on the RIVER!!  
Trevor fly fishing!
 As we drifted along, we saw "marco's cave" that he had noticed the year before and decided to go exploring.  We tied up the boats and hiked up the hillside to check out the caves.
from inside the big one...
 had to pose.
 looking back down on the Smith.
 THEN we decided to climb up into a small opening where the cave continued into the hillside....
it was scaryyyyyyyy!!!!!!
but worth it!

 After crawling for about 15 feet we emerged into an open room that was COMPLETELY in the dark, but the flash from my camera lit it up so that we could pose!! It was kinda creepy when everyone turned their headlamps off, and if you were claustrophobic in the least this would be the last place you would ever wanna be.
 Chelsea and Trevor!

 a big part of our group up at the caves!

 And then we got back to business and hit the river for some more rafting adventures.  
 THE BEST FOOD GROUP EVER!!!!!  The five of us were in charge of food for day 2 and not only did we make delicious nutritious amazing meals, but we looked amazing doing it.
The girls mexican fiesta night!! BEST COSTUMES on the smith river everrrrrr. And Shannon trying to jump into the picture... typical.
That's it for day 2!!!! Now I'm craving Mexican food.

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