Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beach Photoshoot.

As usual, we love doing photoshoots!! Today's was inspired by a Sun Salutation routine, I thought it would be cool if we were each a different pose from a basic sun salutation until the last pose became the same as the first pose. I think it turned out really cool!!!
Here's who this is from left to right:
Tess Davies, Sarah Freeman, Maddy Irwin, Larisa Yurkiw, Marie-Michele Gagnon, Erin Mielzynski, Julia Roth, Sarah Elliot, Madison McLeish, Laurence Vallerand, Marie-Pier Prefontaine, Eve Routhier and ME!!
 ohhhh heyyyyy
Closer view of our Sun Salutations......
We attempted a 13 person downward dog... but half the group fell so i just cropped it! ha.

Talent!! Mp and Mitch!
I love taking pictures, and in Lake Tekapo with such a fit pretty fun team it's hard to take any bad ones!!!  Another entertaining day off.... and hopefully there will be many more hilarious photoshoots in future!!!!

skiing is fun !

The last few days have been so much fun, we've done more GS and Super G this week than I have in the last 2 years and it's been awesome.  Starting from scratch again is exactly what I've needed and I'm already excited to get back into some GS races next season!!! Yeah!
We have a day off today, Lake Tekapo looks amazing as usual and the temperature's dropping!! Slalom starts tomorrow! yay! 
Otherwise, here are a few more low quality pics....!  It's just so beautiful here that I take the same pictures over and over again and don't care if I get repetitive.  
I was practicing my newfound gymnastics skills warming up the other day... EARLY!
 Ridiculous views from training GS!!!! I'm into it.
 Clouds were looming but the storm never came!
 repetition.... so what.
 sunrising on the hill...
MP Larisa and Eve being super cool.
 more warmup shenanigans
 so zen...

I'm tres excited to start ripping some slalom turns tomorrow!!!! But for now I'll keep sipping my flat white by the fire in this cafe overlooking the beautiful lake!  

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More pics!

Another great day of GS and SUper G training!! I'm loving the longer boards and feeling some speed!!  It's been about 2 years since I've done either of these disciplines and it's really fun and refreshing to get back into both of them!!!
I figured out how to upload some more pics.... just reduced quality :( But still cool!   
Our drill course and the AMAZING backdrop!!!
 Never gets old looking out onto THIS!
 New Zealand road block: sheep herding.

I found the NZ mantracker on the plane...

That's all that it's letting my upload for now!! I'm so addicted to blogging and posting pics that it's making me crazy that I can't upload them all!!! oh well... it's a good life when that is my only complaint!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

so happy to be back!!

The internet here isn't letting me upload my pics!! BUT i have one that somehow uploaded?? 
Anyway, I took a lot of pictures of all the beautiful scenery we get to see everyday on our way to the hill, on the hill, and after training! The hill overlooks Lake Tekapo which is a crazy turquoise lake! It's amazing!
AND skiing has been amazing!! It feels so good to be back on snow, wind in my face, carving turns and feeling good!! It's sunny and we're skiing on hero snow!  Another great comeback and I'm so excited for the rest of this camp!!! 
Early mornings at Roundhill!

and a little article about Larisa and my return-to-snow's....

Monday, July 25, 2011


This was the highlight of my travel day to New Zealand: Air New Zealand's safety video featuring Richard Simmons! Amazing!!

We got slightly delayed in Aukland, but are heading out pretty soon and should be in Christchurch and then Lake Tekapo later tonight!! I can't believe I'll be skiing tomorrow!!!!!! yay!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I LOVE THE HEAT WAVE! (winter starts tomorrow)

Crazy, hot, fun, mellow, happy week!!
It's been a busy couple of days.  I left packing up our Calgary house to the last minute, piled up 8 garbage bags full of who-knows-what, got COMPLETELY HAILED on, squeezed in one final velodrome session, packed my car full of all my stuff and moved out, went for AMAZING pizza in my now "old" neighbourhood with new friends,  took a red-eye flight home, went straight to Tremblant and CHILLED on the LAKE.
Here's the hail that was my last impression of Calgary.... (ridiculous weather)
The day after the hail storm in Calgary I was sitting in the East Coast HEAT WAVE, loving every degree of it, on Lake Tremblant.
 Fresh Quebec berries in the morning...
 A short hike to my favourite view-point...
 And then a longer hike up Blueberry hill.  This is me in my happy place.  There is a perfect sitting spot on the rocks overlooking Lake Tremblant and the surrounding areas.  total bliss.
 It's not called blueberry hill for no reason.  I picked a few along the way.
 They're everywhere!
 Part of the hike back down "whale's back"
 I found some rasberries growing along the way as well!!
 Then the girls came!!!! Anna, Em and Anne-Marie came up to enjoy the lake and the heat before Anna's baby shower!! We went KAYAKING!

 it was a beautiful afternoon!
 The water was SOOO CALM entering the Cache River.
 reflecting on reflections.
 EMILY is SUPER talented!! Look at that POWER!!!!
 We had one last early morning coffee on the dock this morning and headed back to Montreal for a TEA PARTY!! 
 so chic
 beautiful prego ladies!! Anna and Gail.
 Team RED necklaces!!! There were different coloured necklaces for different teams for the games!
 love these girls!
 And the three pretty sisters celebrating the soon-to-be-arrival of a new family member!!
An awesome way to end my "summer" since I am heading to WINTER tomorrow in new zealand to SKI!!
I haven't started packing yet and I don't know where to start! It's been a while and my ski stuff is buried somewhere since February!! I am 100% motivated to ski and rip some turns, but 0%motivated to start packing...... So anyway I guess I'll go try and start on that....... missing the lake already!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fast and Female Mountain bike event!

Today I volunteered as a Fast and Female ambassador at a mountain bike event in Canmore!! Although I'm far from pro, there were a bunch of the CAnadian Mountain bike team members around to show the girls some new tips and tricks!  It was cool to help out and see so many young girls ripping on mountain bikes!!!
My group was the "Wild Orchids" named after a popular trail in Canmore!
 I was at the climbing station where everyone learned new tricks about climbing, getting out of the saddle, and starting up on a steep!
  I was paired up with Emily Batty, a pro mtn biker, who shared some of her knowledge about biking with the girls!
 AND we finished the day off with a dance session!! I couldn't help but find myself laughing along with everyone else as we swayed and bopped to the beats! 
Another Great Fast and Female event!  So cool to see so many young girls getting involved in sweet sports!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tie-Dye, Stampede, Beach Volleyball and East Coast Lobsters!

It's been another busy training week and the summer of training in Calgary is really winding down at this point!  I managed to get back on my mountain bike this week with Brianne in Canmore!! 
Brianne RIPPING around some turns!

Aggressive climbs!!
 We also had a lobster party this week!! Em brought back a bunch of Lobsters from the East and we cooked them up and had a feast!!!  Messy and sketchy because they were alive, but SOOO DELICIOUS!!!!
 TRying to make them "sleep" before they get BOILED TO DEATH.
 Thanks Em!!! Such a treat out here in cowtown!
 We've also had a bunch of beach volleyball sessions!! Almost pro....
 Eve and I posing in Phil's sunglasses reflection!
 AND I checked out the Chuck Wagons at the Calgary Stampede also!!
 fun fun funnnnnnnn
 The boys did a park workout while we prepped for VOLLEYBALL battles.
 AND today I was lonely without MP since she LEFT so I made a tie-dyed shirt! I think it's cool!
Hopefully a bit more stampede action this weekend and also a Fast and Female Mountain Bike event tomorrow!