Sunday, August 28, 2011


Now that I've settled into Calgary life I've had more time to look over my fiji pics! There's a few more that I wanted to share, and bare with me if they're getting repetitive! Everything was just so beautiful over there! Four days on the beach was more than enough, I'm happy to be back in the homeland with one last intense dryland camp before hitting up a Swiss glacier for more training!  I left New Zealand wanting more and I am already super excited to get back on SNOW!! Where I belong!
Enough about snow, here's the BEACH! it's dat way.
The Octopus resort welcoming crew, singing and dancing when we arrive on the island and when we leave!

MPP at the top of the hike, overlooking the bright blue ocean.
 Trying not to be scared posing on top of the cliff! Balance training!
ahhhh.....the ocean is CRAZY
 happy hikers!
 hair flowing hiker
 Waya island... The day before MP and I hiked the whole way across and over this island to the other side.

 Back down and into the jungle.
MP PLANKING in Fiji!!!!!! 
 Maddy Slacklining!
 sunset poses are the best
 just chillin
 the other side of the island was INTENSELY WAVY

but our side was calm and sandy
Ok that's all for Fiji.... 
time to move on, time to get going, what lies ahead i have no way of knowing....
I just got carried away with Tom Petty....
But for real, we had an awesome vacation we're i'm moving on, back to the gym and then back on SNOW!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bula! Fiji Time!

Sarah, Maddy, Maddy, MP and I decided to have a 4 day layover in FIJI after New Zealand!
Our four weeks on snow were awesome, and I was in need of some R&R and some SUN!
Our vacation flew by and it was totally worth lugging around our ski gear in Fiji and getting some really confused looks at the airport. GOOD TIMES!! I feel totally rested and ready for another Calgary training session!
Here's a couple of my favourite pics from one of my cameras!! (more to come though!!!)
On our first night we were greeted by some FIRE DANCING!
 Locals preformed a fire dancing show on the beach near Nadi, Fiji!
 After one night on the mainland, we caught a boat and hit up Waya Island where we spent three days chilling on the beach at Octopus resort!
 LIKE THIS!  Floating in super salty water has got to be one of the greatest sensations of feeling completely weightless. 
 ...and doing water hair flips!!!!  (and SNORKELLING!! the reef behind me had tons of crazy fish and water underworld scenery...)
 in sync!
 We made jewelry! 
 sunset posing.....

 venturing into the deep blue sea on kayaks......
 enjoying a sunset on the beach while waiting to eat the AMAZING Kokoda fijian raw-fish-coconut-soup for dinner!

 And then, after two days of completely relaxing, I got a little restless and signed up for some hikes! One was a group hike with some other vacationers, and one was private with the girls.  The first one was a group hike over to a village on the other side of the island.
 It was bbbeeeeeeeeeautiful!
 The scenery from high up was AMAzINg.
 grassy rocky rolling hills.

 Our destination!  A little village nestled into a windy bay!

 The cutest kids! 
 Crazy textures

 I loved the red paint!
 We shopped at their craft market...

 And had coconuts for lunch!

 we drank the water and then ate the inside part.

 Mp and I opted to run back instead of taking a boat back like everyone else and it ended up being the highlight of the trip for me. It was a beautiful day and we were trail running through Fiji with a cool breeze keeping us fresh!  We got home and enjoyed another sweet sunset.
 AND then, on our last day we did another hike! This time up to a mountain peak with the girls.
Up to the top of that!

 The peak in the distance.
 a long climb later, the view from the top.



cooling off in a natural spring water pool....... fiji water!
 Bula fiji, thanks for another amazing vacation!