Monday, August 31, 2009

I went from feeling on top of the world training slalom a few days ago, to realizing that I still have a long way to go before achieving my goals!!! Our team competed in a race yesterday in the worst possible conditions I have EVER seeN!! But I guess I let the conditions get to my head because I fell really early in the race. I guess this goes to show that training is not a race, and I need to learn how to race! SO my next week is dedicated to figuring out a new race plan every time that I approach a start gate in training. I am loving slalom and super excited to start really racing, and this is a good lesson to be learning at this point in the summer!
OTHERWISE I had a day off today and took some well needed alone time with my camera. I went for a walk and experimented with water and exposure, and later went on a little bike ride by a lake I have been meaning to check out for the past 2 years!! And it was totally worth it! I fell in love with the little bike path around the lake, and got lost in my thoughts for a very happy and peaceful hour!!
These are the pics that made me happy and helped me escape to
MY reality for a little while today.
New Zealand
never ceases
to blow me away
with its beauty
and peacefullness.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 step back, 2 steps forward.

So my knee has been bugging me ever since I tweaked my miniscus at Roundhill 10 days ago. I have been taking it easy and not really skiing. It mostly sucks, I hate missing out on being up on the hill pushing myself to ski better and get to where I want to be. I miss the social scene too!! The girls come back with jokes and stories that I miss out on. SO hopefully all the biking and pool workouts pay off and I will be back on the hill by FRIDAY!! And then we have the NEW ZEALAND GAMES on sunday!! So I really hope things go smoothly and I will be racing and attempting to race like I train!! MY GOAL for the year! If i can go into a race and ski as though it's a training run, I know it will be great!!
SO thats pretty much what's happening and I am killing time by blogging and taking pictures of things that look sweet.
It has been raining a bunch and the other day it looked like sparkling trees when the sun finally made an appearance!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

nouvelle zealand!!

My favourite place to come skiing in the summer!! THe camp started at a funny little place called "roundhill", where we stayed beside the BEAUTIFUL lake Takepo.... everyone calls it take a poo, which is quite the opposite of how pretty and perfect it always looks!! ITs crazy turquoise blue, and the rumour was that there is a "hidden glacier" underneath it, which seemed crazy, and was later corrected by the true reason it is so blue: glacial minerals??

From Roundhill, the team and I ventured over to MILLBROOK! the NICEST place we stay all year. It's a golf resort near Queenstown and Arrowtown. SKiing happens over at COronet Peak!
It's been really fun so far and I have been ripping slalom everyday and LOVING IT! I'm ready for the season to start and to put my new moves to the test!

Skiing is tres le fun.

Here's a couple pics of the epicness of take a poo lake and fun at the ski hill where the motto is BENZEENEES!! (bend zee knees...) ha! And where we practice our amazing yoga triple down dog moves!!!

AND, a crazy amazing early morning sunrise, followed by a late afternoon sheep jam.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A blog??

Ok. I'm not exactly sure where to start! All I know is that I, Anna Goodman, lead a pretty sweet life as a ski racer, and sometimes facebook doesn't do justice to all the awesome things I am seeing and experiencing everyday! So for me, this is a way to share the latest craziness that is happening at home or on the road, and try to make YOU see it through my eyes! I know that the athletic career won't last forever and I think this is a cool way to keep track and force myself to see the positive sides of everything I am doing. When I am on the road for months at a time it's easy to get caught up in the drama of attempting to be a sports "world champion"! SO this is my way of reminding myself that life is good and to embrace what I've got while I've got it!
Right now I am in Vancouver in the air canada lounge waiting for my flight to NEW ZEALAND. 5 weeks of skiing, training and fun!! Can't wait to get there and see if my boots still kill. which I already know they do.
SO to get this blog going, here are some pictures to wrap up my life over the past year . I LOVE PICTURES! i love taking them, I love looking at them, and I love POSTING THEM!. PS I don't know how to arrange these pictures... THEY ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Showcasing my and some of my sweet posse. my crew. yo. Thats that. Sorry for the craziness of the pictures being everywhere.... maybe experienced bloggers dont have these issues....

Me (Anna Goodman) posing.... surprise surprise

Hanging out with some great friends in Charlevoix!! Anna, Gail, Julie and Me

Me and Anna Rocking the backseat with the doggies!!

Me and my boyfriend Marco Sullivan (another ski racer) on our SWEET trip in MOAB!! And hanging in BEAUTIFUL TAHOE!


Slacklining as a hobbie....

And finally skiing in Chile last summer....
Life is good.  This is just the beginning!