Thursday, September 29, 2011


I used our team summertime quote "be better" as the basis for my latest skipresse article!  The online version just came out and I think it turned out to be pretty cool!! Check it out, page 44
And the quote continues on the hill these days as we are all pushing our limits in slalom and GS looking to clear up the little details: be cleaner, no mistakes, consistency.  It's an exciting camp in that I am finally trying out new things, different Head equipment, and getting a feel for what is right for me. I'm skiing relaxed and flowing, all the while trying to cut the line and create as much speed as I can!
Here's another video, pretty similar, but different!!

AND some more pics from the last few days!
One of the most intense parts of our day is getting to the top of the mountain... waiting in lines for gondolas and a train, getting pushed, squished, and overwhelmed by other skier's body odours.  It's intense.
Before it all begins....
 mentally preparing for the push.
 About an hour later we arrive up here!  The snow is getting browner and browner, and the crevasses seem to be opening up a little more each day.  The conditions of our lanes have been awesome, so as long as no one's falling down random holes, we're all good.
 gates gates gates and more gates.
 Skiing parallels, freestylers in the "powder" to the left, racers on the "ice" to the right.
 hole in the course!..... these random holes are all over the glacier, huge crevasses peeking out at us.... kinda scary!
 our broken friend.... 
 APRES SKI!!! Martin VS. Hugues in tennis!! 
 I didn't have time to get a sweet pic of Hugues, but I heard he was throwing down some nasty serves!!
 sun setting behind the hill.....
 And how else to finish a great Swiss day other than with RACLETTE for dinner!! yummy cheese!! Jeff and Hans came and enjoyed Hugues' feast with us!
We only have a couple more days left which I will use for a last block of SLALOM of course!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A day off in pictures......

I am going a little picture crazy, and i'm over-blogging for sure, but there's a lot of cool things here in Saas Fee that I like taking pictures of... so here you go! 
This is what happens on a day off in a Swiss valley....
We look at things.
 FALL IS COMING. Since I am kind of obsessed with "game of thrones" right now, and the motto of the story is "WINTER IS COMING" I just said "FALL IS COMING" with Lord Edard's voice!!! haha
Mitch taking a picture of that lonely boot in the rocks!

 Looking down on the bridge that we were walking to.
 take some stairs......
 more stairs......
 watch a guy ZIPLINE across the valley!
 and then we made it to the bridge and did a celebratory planking session.
 And other cool poses.......
 i love you in german!  :)
 then we got lost......
 but found our way back eventually.......
THIS is what we did yesterday before the day off!! Hardcore Venice beach wannabe weight session!

 PULL UPS ALL THE TIME! (and my new haircut thanks to MP!)
 the "fee" from saas fee

 we also did the RODELBAHN!!!! WOOHOO
 AND THEN DOWN!!!!!!!!!
 time for coffee...... 

at the castle.....
 and then REHYDRATION!!!!!!! Super important for days off!
 once hydrated, you can enjoy the flowers...
 and continue with regenerating for tomorrow's SLALOM TRAINING!
Days off are great especially when you've been working really hard and need more than just a power nap! Can't wait to get back out there tomorrow!

Friday, September 23, 2011

training vid!

I've been uploading pictures like CRAZY since coming here, everything is so beautiful and sunny and there's so many fun activities to do and take pictures of.... but I thought maybe it would be cool to upload some vid of the real STUFF... the reason we're here: to SKI!  Today was day 2 of slalom for me and I'm still just super happy that my body feels great! No pain.  It's been a while since I've felt nothing holding me back, and it just makes skiing so much more fun!!!  So here's some of the fun stuff!

AND of course I have to upload some MORE pics. sorry!! haha
MP caught some of my slalom action.
 MOUTHGUARDS!! I just got a new mouthguard thanks to Dr. Rytz and I am super stylish like Eve, and protecting my teeth! win-win.  (photo from Eve, taken by MP)
 no mouthguard pose after our last run of training today. (photo from Eve, taken by MP!)
 where it's at.
 DOWNLOADING..... the gondola

 Some natural glacial water cold tubbing!
 and warming off and drying up after!
 pretty much a summary of afternoon activities apres dryland and naps.
c'est tout!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

flowers flowers everywhere

After dryland this afternoon MP and I walked around town, admired the flowers, and went for coffee and a treat!
 the flowers are out in full bloom!! it's still summer in the valley!
 so stylish
 coloured shutters and pretty flowers

we ski up there????

 so patriotic
 i love this, flowers make everything look better.

 and..... a creepy one eye'd wood thing.
I love going for coffees and enjoying the summertime beauty here between skiing all morning and our afternoon dryland sessions.