Friday, February 25, 2011

back in kent's physio palace

So far so good!
Calgary has been fun so far thanks to JENNY for letting me crash at her place!  I've been drinking coffee at the Purple Perk every morning, I bought a bunch of used books at "books on 4th" and now I am heading to yummy sushi just a few minutes walk away from her place.  I am getting more and more into the city the more I get injured!
But things are progressing really well with my hip and Kent has welcomed me as usual.   There are so many guys here injured but the vibe is really positive and everyone is on there feet!!!  I witnessed Kelly McB's first steps the other day, and now she's just a regular gym walker!!  Lup and Manny are walking around like no big deal, and Robbie and Jan are looking good as well!!
Here are a couple of us!
Me, Kelly, Lup and Jenn!

And some pics that my dad took in Garmisch!
my mom and I with MILKAAAAAAAAAA cow...... mooooo
 She had her first Fritatten-suppe!!! (pancake soup)
Cool noise-maker people....

 girls night out after the race at the "Taj-Mahal" indian restaurant in Garmisch!!
Bill Janyk was making us laugh with his impressions.... hahaha.
That's all!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

ok i added a few pictures!

World Championships are now over and I am getting on a plane to Calgary.
Although I had a great second run (I was 5th for the run), my first run was pretty terrible!  I have been having a lot more trouble with my hip than I ever would have thought and it has become too painful to continue for now, so I am going back to see "magic hands Kent" and hope that he can help me get back on track!!!  The last two months  of dealing with the ups and downs of my hip and having days on the hill where I felt pain like I have never had before have caught up with me and I know I need to heal now.  I still have bursts of greatness, like the second run of World Champs and Flachau's second run, and I know I have WAY more to give in races, but I think that with my hip bothering me so much have just started to ski too safe and too cautiously too often.
SO yeah, thats how i feel! I am excited to work on getting better for the last world cup of the season and have a clear mind and a strong and healthy body!

My parents and I watched the mens second run from the hay-covered hillside! A pretty sweet view!!
I thought it was funny how there is so much built up around the finish, and then just in the distance it goes right back into the typical euro farmland.
There were some sad looking fireworks just as we were leaving..... I'm not sure that it was dark enough..........
And Tim gave us a lesson in EXTREME PARKING!!  He pretty much had a few inches per side. it was INTENSE! ha everyone was trying to help!

Friday, February 18, 2011

pics from the last few days in Garmisch

Mike and Paul!! Getting ready for the team event!

 i watched the team event with my parents!! The crowds were really into it!
 coffee with the girls
 such a cool little corner coffee shop!
 this morning rising above the clouds.
 yay blue skies! 
 above the cloudy GS race
 in and outta the clouds all day

Monday, February 14, 2011


We have arrived in Garmisch!
It was a beautiful sunny day and the girls and I took advantage of the weather and headed to town!
 public transportation's the coolest way around town!!!

 After a successful trip to town, we hit up the local H&M and decided to have a Valentine's day photoshoot!!!
We tried to choose OUTRAGEOUS (MP's word of the day) outfits!!!!!
 Valentine's day Montage!!!!
 After all the crazy outfits and a few dirty looks from the ladies who worked there, we got invited by Daniela Merighetti for lunch in the Italian Haus! It was AMAZING!!!!!
 Parmesan bowl in a parmesan bowl.
 mmmmm Italians know how to do a good lunch.
 AND THEN!!!!!! we watched to slalom portion of the super-combined!
 A triple picture: MP, the slalom run in the left lens and Mitch in the right lens.
Fun times so far in Garmisch!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

YEAH ERIK!!!!!!!! plus a sketchy t-bar line.

What an amazing accomplishment! I would have loved to have been there to experience the craziness first hand, but we are nearby Garmisch at "Bad Weissee" doing some slalom races in preparation for our World Championship slalom next week!
The most ridiculous t-bar line of snow!!

 super NARROW!!
 and grassy-leafy!! haha!!
 but we made it!
 blurry and repetitive, but SO GREEN!!!
 Really cool view of the lake between rain showers....
 just another epic backdrop!
 But i was missing the perfectly groomed hills of Courchevel, so I took a picture of my place-mat that looked a lot like the groomers from last week!! ahhhh.
 Everyone is so distracted in this pic except for Britt!! what a champ!  (and lasse!!)
One more race here and then off to GARMISCH!!! tech time!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wild horses running up the mountain!

France was sweet.  Nothing beats crepes and coffee for dessert.  The race went pretty well also.  I had a so-so first run followed by a good second run and ended up *8th in a pretty competitive field! 
The night before the race I really wanted to go to town to take some pics of these really cool christmas lights!  So I did!! But first I took a couple more night shots from the hotel....

 THE CRAZIEST THING was that as I was taking these pics from my balcony, I heard a weird rumbling and suddenly three horses were just running up the hill.  I have no clue where they came from or where they were going, but I was completely shocked!!! I tried to take a picture but it was too dark and they were running too fast and all I got was this blurry mess!
And then of course when I told everyone no one really believed me... and Jay was like thats why this place is called "courchevel" because "cour" and "cheval" in french mean "run" and "horse" in english! ha!
So yeah, there were three random horses sprinting up the hill at night. no big deal.
 After the horse incident, I headed to town to take some pictures of these pretty lights!

 repetitive: yes.  pretty nonetheless: yes.

 Lights by the Hermes shop.
 And some purple ones too!!
that's all!!
we're back in Kirchberg for our last day here of the season!!!! Crazy!!! ALthough there is still about a month left in Europe, we'll no longer be coming back to our "home-away-from-home..."