Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moab day 1! Slickrock and sweet camping!

The Moab trip flew by.  Marco and I spent three awesome days in the desert soaking up the sun, mountain biking, camping and hiking. What could be better!!!?
Our campsite looking out onto the desert and snow capped peaks in the distance.  We never put the fly on the tent! It was so warm and star-gazing at night is pretty sweet!
 Snow!! Although it didn't feel like there was any nearby!!! It was 35 degrees celcius!
 Slickrock in the background.
 The night we arrived we decided to ride the slickrock trail since we were camping so close by.
 It's so much FUN!!! Like a rollercoaster bike ride!!!
 coolest mountain biking scenery ever!
 Overlooking the Colorado River
 And posing, of course!
It was an awesome way to start and even cooler trip!  More to come.....

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