Friday, June 17, 2011

busy busy

I feel like I've been running around all week busy with training and lots of other fun things!! I get so caught up in the routine that I forget to take pics and blog and break out into spontaneous dance parties with the girls. 
Anyway, the three of us are chilling in Canmore by the fire as the rain continues to POUR.
It was another sweet week of training and things are always progressing on every level! We had our weekly Canmore session today in the rain, balancing and laughing and challenging each other. It was fun!  
And, speaking of rain, we decided to go cheer on the Calgary Stampeder's in the rain, during the Stanley Cup Final! We were like the hardcore fans!!  But not.  Anyway we left pretty early but it was still cool to check it out!

 AND yesterday the Calgary Sport's Centre set up another of Marcel's amazing cooking sessions at The Paintbox Lodge in Canmore!  The Paintbox Lodge is the bed and breakfast that Thomas Grandi and Sarah Renner own and run! Its an awesome place with an amazing kitchen where got to make YUMMY food.

 For Lunch, we all had soup, lasagna and a burger!! It was all so tasty that being full was not an option.
 Thanks Marcel and Cara!!
 Telling us how it's done.
 Tasting the final product!
Beautiful Miele kitchen...... my dream
MP and I have invaded Mitch's place in Canmore for the weekend so that we can play around in Canmore!! I'll try and take more pics and have more dance parties!!!

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