Saturday, June 11, 2011

Balancing in Canmore....and biking up Highwood Pass

Yesterday we all met up in Canmore for a workout and some balance training at the Nordic Centre. 
There's a cool balancing "park" out in the woods with a bunch of different obstacles where we all play, compete not to fall off, and attempt to conquer!
Maddy! Pro Slackliner!
 Me! Single legged squatting on pieces of wood sticking out of the ground. (that's just half the squat!! don't worry!!)

 Mitch is the tightrope Queen.  She's undefeated so far!
 I'm still a beginner....
 uh oh!!!!!
 ok I think i got this...
 Good times. Everyone's trying different things and getting better every week!
 After an amazingly yummy Buddha Bowl and Communitea for lunch in Canmore, I met up with Emily and Jenny for a bike ride up Highwood Pass.  I was 17km of uphill!!  The sweet thing about this ride is that the road is still closed until next week, so you can dilly dally all over the place and not worry about getting hit by cars.... just gotta keep an eye out for bears and mountain goats...
 JEnny!!!!! And a huge mountain.
 Mountain Goat (or Sheep?) obstacles...... MOVE!
 Amazing timed photo posing.....WE MADE IT!!!! yay!
 The last little push until the end.
 snow queens.
 and then RIPPING down!! Em said we got to 72km/hour.  That seems pretty cool.
 looooooooong road. and a flat. :(
 The ride was awesome and we celebrated with dinner on a Patio back in "Mission" with oysters, lobster nachos and a little piece of chocolate cake! And then it rained for a minute so I wore a blanket.
good story.

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