Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moab 2: Arches and Amasa Back

Our second day in Moab was full of fun activities!! We left the campground around 9am and got back around 10pm!  The morning was devoted to riding up and down Amasa Back! One of our favourite rides from the last trip we did in Moab.
 Um, yeah. I planked.

 The drop offs and scenery below are CRAZY!
 It was a long, hot ride and after lunch we swam in the FREEZING Colorado River for a while before hitting up Arches National Park!
 "The Three Gossips"
 "Balanced Rock"
 ANother Arch along the way......
 We did "The Devil's Garden" hiking loop.  It was a 7mile walk through the desert, into canyons, and around different Arches! It was cool!! 
Since I was getting a little bored (board ahhahahah!) of PLANKING (yay puns) I decided to do a JUMPING PIC!  Marco's photography skills are to thank for this sweet pic!
 But then I reverted back to the plank....
 Hiking up some canyons....

 Scenery through an ARCH.
 Navajo Arch.
 Landscape Arch.
 I guess I should explain the reason for all of these ridiculous "planking" pics...
It all started a couple weeks ago when Mike Janyk started tweeting about "planking" and putting pics online of him laying flat in random places.  I guess it's the new "thing" to do and I guess I jumped right onto the bandwagon.  At first it was as a joke to send to Mike, and then I kept doing it and now I am just a fully seasoned planker.  So that's pretty much the story behind why I have so many random pics of me laying flat in weird places.

 "Delicate Arch"
 blurry but cool.
 "Private Arch"..... can you see Marco!?
 Double O Arch.
 Arches was cool and it was fun to do a little hike around the breathtaking scenery!!
Driving back to Moab was beautiful as well with the sun setting on town.
 And by the time we were back at our site with the fire blazing, it was almost time for bed for a final big day of adventures in Moab!
 :)  what could be better!?

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  1. Hahaha! The 'stretching' photo is amazing!