Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Day of Moab! Porcupine Rim Trail!! YEAH!

We saved the best for last.  Porcupine Rim!! About 3 hours of SWEEEEEET downhillin'!
I love this trail, I love riding things that I never thought I could ride, and I love going FAST!
This was just the mellow beginning, taking a farm-road to link up with the single track along the rim of the Mesa.  I saw this ghetto truck paired with the amazing background of different Mesas in the distance and stopped to take a picture.
 And had to pose, obviously!!!
 Breathtaking views the whole way.
 Less ridiculous, but still somewhat ridiculous posing.
 Marco's EXTREME posing.
 Stopped part-way down for MY FAVOURITE FOOD EVER: cheese and crackers and salami. YUMMMMMMMy.  And how can you beat this lunch stop view?!
 EXTREME biking!! haha!
 And Extremely HOT temps.
Our 3 days in Moab were awesome.
The bike riding, swimming, hiking, camping, star gazing, fire-chilling....
Couldn't have asked for a better little break!  Now I'm back in Calgary where the temperature is WAY lower and my tan is already starting to fade!! 
Luckily, I'm heading back to Velodrome tonight! I like it!  Can't stay off a bike for tooooo long!

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