Sunday, June 12, 2011

PLANKING: the Calgary edition.

It's been a bit of a slow weekend so Maddy and I decided to ramp it up, get dressed up, and hit the streets of Calgary for some photo-ops.
Maddy was a power-ranger on rollerblades and i was a powerpuff girl with cowboy boots on a bike.
Getting geared up.
 Warm up golf practice- pre photo-shoot
 Ok, I think we're ready.
 Morph suits are not breathable apparently!!
 NO PLANKING ZONE.  I risked towage for this picture. Rebel Plank.

 Stairs incognito plank.
 Bridge Plank.
 Canadian Geese Plank.
 Rollerblade-biking-morph-suited amazingness.
 Vitamin Water Plank.
 Postal Plank.
 More bridge Plank!! 
 Fall protection Plank.
 Ghetto Sunnyside Grocery Plank.
 The end of a successful planking session!