Tuesday, June 14, 2011

glistening workouts.

Today was BOXING DAY. But not the one after Christmas.. ahahaha. not. that was not funny.
anyway, we boxed in the afternoon for dryland... 
Our warmup is pretty intense on it's own, I'm already glistening (because girls don't sweat) before even getting my gloves on!
 OK NOW I'm READY!!!! rrrraawwwrrrrrr. watch yourself.
 knocked out? Or just plank......
 Maddy vs. Matt!
 Practicing our uppercut's and whatnot.
 MITCH vs. Matt.
 The best way to finish off a LONG workout day such as today, is to hit up the streets on my SNAZZY NISHIKI Colorado cruiser......
 Get frozen yogurt at Spoon Me. (and a free t-shirt for being their 100th follower on twitter (no big deal))
 And then do sweet tricks the whole way home! 

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