Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was at a sushi restaurant in Canmore where you can draw on the walls with chalk, and this was my first instinct.....
We had a busy day yesterday in Canmore and decided to stay overnight and hang out with the Canmorians!
 I was trying to get a sweet pic of the full moon with my little camera, but as usual, pics don't really do real life justice!  It was an impressive full moon night though!!!!
 This morning we were up before the rain and went Climbing with Kelly Mcb!
We climbed at grassy lakes, it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Amazing views, lakes, mountains and climbing spots!
it's a popular place to climb!
 Crazy blue-green lake.
 Mitch and Kelly CRUSHING the wall!
soooo pretty, never gets boring to look at. 
Climbing was fun especially as a beginner being out of my comfort zone and learning new moves!

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