Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Calgary living.

Time is flying in Calgary... we've been so busy training and entertaining ourselves that I haven't really been able to sit down and blog, let alone take any pics.
The only ones I have are from boxing a few random things here and there....
Although I've seen many beautiful things lately, I just have them etched into my memory rather than snapped onto a memory stick.  Like the reflection of a huge snow-capped mountain on a deep blue lake during a bike ride near Nakiska this weekend.  The sun setting over the edge of the velodrome last night as I looped around and around playing with lines and speeds.  Green grass and leaves are everywhere on my jogs thanks to last weeks downpours. Our garden is blooming bit by bit!  And the people watching on 17th Ave during the Lilac Festival with the nonstop gigglers Em and Jenny this weekend was hilarious!!

I've biked at the Calgary Velodrome twice this week and so far I think it's pretty cool!  Gymnastics has been totally new for me, rolling, handstands, and flips are definitely out of my comfort zone, but fun nonetheless. Boxing is always an amazing workout, but I don't think I'd want to face anyone ever.  And I'm pretty much participating in every workout now as my hip gets better and better!
The physio crew is slowly diminishing as everyone gets healthier and healthier!!  My main companion Kelly McB has decided to go to school next year which I'm sure will be yet another AMAZING adventure which I'm excited to follow via her blog!! 
I can no longer tell that Louis-Pierre and Manny are rehabbing.... 
I saw Jenn running on the treadmill!! 
I guess Johnny is in Thailand, and I did a full deep squat for the first time in a year with a bar!!
Things are looking up and getting better everyday.  It's fun living here, and MP and I are becoming like a married couple in our house, sharing who cooks, cleans, MOWS THE LAWN, waters the plants (me) and all that sort of stuff. 
I like it here, especially when it's sunny.  There are few dull moments, and when there are, I embrace the calm on my couch!!

So here are a few pics I salvaged from different cameras and phones and whatnot!

 Shazaaaaaam. haha. trying to make these interesting!
 Rainy day Crafting...
 made more earrings...
 admired Kelly's staircase in Canmore.
 Lup mowed our lawn!! What a great friend!! haha
 and COOKING!! Marcel-style risotto and shrimp for notre souper ce soir.

Wow. I will work on my picture taking skillz.
They are definitely lacking right now!
But Moab this weekend will definitely be inspiring!! Can't wait to get back on my "original" bike and feel like a pro on the slickrock!

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