Sunday, June 26, 2011

SAint-Jean-Baptiste weekend!!!!!

Each weekend since moving to Calgary has been awesome in it's own way, and this weekend was definitely one of the best!!! We went to see GREAT BIG SEA in Banff and it was so much fuN!!!!! They are one of my favourite bands (it's in my Newfie blood!!) and we danced and sang along to every song at the top of our lungs!!!  Not only was Great Big Sea the greatest show I have ever been to (I've only been to like 4 concerts so it's not that hard to win) but we also camped beside Lake Minnewanka in Banff and did a beautiful hike and just had a really great weekend overall DESPITE THE RAIN STILL.
I have to start with last week since I have some pictures lingering that I like!  I guess you could say we've been prepping for our camping trip with backyard fires, bbq's and SMORES!
MP, Marco, Eve and Maddy roasting some marshmallows. 
 Perfecting her Smore technique....
 Another thing that I tried out this week for the first time in my life was batting!!  I don't know why I've never done it before, but it's pretty sweeeeet!!! It's like boxing in a way, you get to hit things as hard as you can and it's super satisfying!! haha!!
We celebrated ST JEAN BAPTISTE at the batting cages! Followed by some poutine, and some french talk.

What a beautiful place, everywhere you go there's something cool to look at.  We did a mellow hike pre-Great Big Sea; Larisa was super into it.

At the "top", or at least where we decided that we'd gone far enough.  LUNch time!!!!
 ohhhh la la
 Me, MP and Larisa being super stoked on hiking.
 MOST AMAZING THING EVER.... peanut butter and jam sandwiches on top of a mountain.  Hard to beat.
 crushing the hike.
 cool rocks.
 "Throw the carrot into mouth game".... entertained us for at least  20 minutes.
Larisa won.
 Hiking back down......still beautiful.
 View of Lake Minnewanka! And some fresh snow on top of that peak... it actually snowed a little bit while we were eating lunch..... it wasn't that cool.
 taking it all in.

 AND THEN!!!!!
so epic. seriously. I loved it.
 And then we camped beside the bright blue Lake Minnewanka!
 And it rained, but who cares anymore. It's pretty much a daily occurrence.
 makes everything brighter and greener!

 We finished off our super-awesome-rad-cool St jean Baptiste Saturday with smores by the feu.
tres bon.
 And then I saw an ELK today. cool story hansel.
P.S. I trained super hard all week, but didn't take any pictures of weightlifting, fartlek, balance, running, boxing, velodrome, gymnastics or all the physio sessions with Jenny still helping me get back to 100%! 
Hard week, awesome weekend, That's how we roll!!!!!!

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