Monday, April 25, 2011

moustache parties and a biker gang

We left the snow in Truckee a few days ago and traded it for the sun in Santa Barbara.
Before hitting the road, we still managed to get a few sweet road rides up Donner Pass.
 Once we made it to Santa Barbara we got back on the roads and toured around town with our sweet biker gang!!
 It was such a change of scenery!!! There's always flowers and fruit groves to look at, and everything smells so fresh and pretty!
 Being cool, overlooking Rincon Beach.
 I whip my hair back and forth.
 For Marco and Trevor's combined birthdays Chelsea set up an awesome JEOPARDY game!!!! Lots of laughs and hilariousness.
 Including our moustache-wig party.
 On our last day our biker gang hit the streets and ventured up and around Romero Canyon! It was so beautiful the whole way!! Even when I took us the wrong way up the steepest and longest dead end of my life. oh well, google maps didn't tell me about gaited community roads.
 At the top of the Romero Canyon road there was an INSANE flower field.
It was beautiful and huge!  We could see it from sea-level.
 And we went back to sea-level to enjoy our last sunset surfing and boogie boarding session!
 So much fun and so many laughs!!
That's all!

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