Monday, May 2, 2011

end of vacation....beginning of......

So, this is my last week "off" before driving across the country to Calgary for the summer.  I'm moving to Calgary to train with the team, trainers, physios, doctors etc.  It will be good for me as I am still in rehab-mode and will benefit from having everyone close-by!  And it's always nice to have a bunch of people to train with and cook with and walk around with and bike around with!  It will be a change from being in the mountains and lakes all the time, but it seems like the perfect opportunity to live in a city before I settle down somewhere for good in the MOUNTAINS!!
So, with that said, who has some good audio books to recommend for the trip!!!!!!????

OTher than searching for audio-books, packing has been a little overwhelming.  I have so many toys and things that I can't wait to finally have in Calgary.  To have both mtn and road bikes, golf clubs, tennis racket, and a CAR will make the summer epic.  I always feel like i am stranded in Calgary with nothing to get around in and no fun toys to play with, so this time I am going fully prepared to make the most of the next three months!
Here are a few last shots from the BEACH last week.  I already miss cali, but I know I'll be back sooner than later!
Although I always go on-and-on about how drinking coffee on "the rock" above Lake Tremblant is the best coffee spot in the WORLD, this little morning spot was pretty sweet too.  Coffee on the Pacific ocean on a private beach and a sunny sunshine. ahhhhhhh

 Between sips of coffee, searching for sea glass and shells.
 Apres coffee, boogie boarding into the sunset.
 Bike rides along the coast.
 Hair flipping fun times!
 Trying to catch the fabled green flash upon sunset.
 double rainbow!  Still can't believe that night.  It was one of those moments where I could have continued boogie boarding and gazing at the sky until well after dark.  The waves were perfect, the sky was amazing, and I was surrounded by awesome people!
 Although I couldn't participate in the extreme beach volleyball sessions, I got to snap some sweet action shots of Chelsea's skillz!!!!!
 And finally, browsing the farmers markets and getting inspired to cook yummy food!

The drive starts Thursday and I'm sure I'll have many fields and things to take pictures of! 

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  1. i ordered 'something borrowed' audiobook for my drive from NH back home. i know it's basic but i figure it will take up 5 hours of the 401 without too much thought.