Monday, April 18, 2011

Biking, crafts, and randomness because it's spring!

Since being back in Cali land I've been busy biking, doing crafts and enjoying the sunshine!!
This is the best way to unwind after roadbiking in the sunshine: coffee and yummy sandwiches on the patio!  Coffeebar in Truckee is the best place for coffee!
Road biking is awesome! 
AND so is baking and dressing up!
Dierndl's and Leiderhosen for Davey's 28th!
 OR at least that's what Marco told me!! We were the only ones dressed up! haha! But it's always fun to break out the German clothes.
RUSHING out the door fully leiderhose'd!
Dave's birthday revolved around his famous PIG ROAST!!!
 They even let me hack off a couple pieces!! 
 Pinata's and pig roasts.
 It was a little creepy, but mostly delicious.
 We still had some furniture from our intense Craigslist adventures last year, so I decided to paint this dresser one morning.
Sanding, painting and assembling.... 
I am soooo focused.
 having soooo much funnnn
 But the final project was worth the effort!!
 After all the furniture painting and sanding and assembling, we headed out into the wilderness for another road ride.
This time we got turned around by the snow.... we eventually caught up to some snowbanks with no way through.
 And then I did more crafts.
I made my BIRCH LAMP!!!!!!!!!!
I took a thrift store lamp and duct taped some magazines around it to make the base.
 I got my supplies ready: birch bark smuggled from home and a glue gun.
 I wrapped and glued the bark all around it and added a piece around the top.
 VOILA! This amazingly beautiful lamp cost me 5 dolla!!
I love it!  
Anyway, that's all I guess!
Heading out on my bike again soon now that I've left the treacherous roads of Quebec!

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