Saturday, April 23, 2011

fun fun fun in the sun

We've been having some amazing days here in Santa Barbara, and some even sweeter sunsets!!
Yesterday I was boogie boarding until after the sun had set, under a DOUBLE RAINBOW!!
It was crazy.    I've never seen such a perfectly connected rainbow, let alone a double one.
I felt like the double rainbow guy in Yosemite...  But I didn't cry.
Chelsea was nice enough to grab my camera as I was intensely boogie boarding and snap some pics!! It's hard to see the second part of the rainbow in the pictures, but it was SO AWESOME that I don't even care!! It was one of those moments where I didn't worry about capturing it on any sort of media-application-camera thingy, but just enjoyed the scene instead.

 Some other sweet moments have been watching everyone get aggressive at volleyball!!! Marco and "wilson" the ball.
 SO many delicious and colourful fruits to choose from!!
 MP's been ripping some waves!!!!

 My rehab-mode is not yet ready for surfing, but boogie boarding is pretty sweet. (or ill. it's our new cali word that means awesome....)
 All the surf and boogie boards!!!!! so much fun!! A huge thanks to the Robinson's for letting us hang out!!
One more day of sweet road bike rides, boogie board sessions and fun in the sun!!!!!!!

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