Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everything's up from here!

Surgery Summary:
My hip arthroscopic surgery was a huge success!! Thanks to Dr. Willits and his team for fixing me up!
What they found were three pieces of cartilage wedged between my femur head and hip socket.  Dr. Willits thinks that I dislocated my hip, and as the joint was going back in, three pieces of cartilage got chipped off and were wedged between the joint.
 The cartilage is probably what was causing most of my discomfort, clicking, and popping of the joint. It was apparent that my labrum had been torn, but Dr. Willits tested it out and it seemed to have healed itself!  Yay rehab!
The coolest part of the surgery was that Dr. Willits saved me the biggest piece of cartilage!!
I think I will donate it to Kent's office to mount beside some of the trophies and posters!! I named it George.
 And I spun!  Hip surgery so far for ME has been a breeze compared with my ACL reconstruction last year!
 I dug out my sweeeeeeeeet crutches!!  Custom made beauties!
 bling and blue!
Anyway I'm really happy with the way everything went and I'm excited to get started with rehab and be back as soon as possible!!!  Everything's up from here!

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