Thursday, April 7, 2011

chill and enjoy the view.

The last couple of days since surgery have been super mellow.
I watched my cousin Giacomo teach my mom a bit about baseball when we visited my aunt and uncle (melanie and frank!! to be less formal!! ha) in Toronto!  Spring really began as we drove home from surgery and left the crazy storms, lightning and thunder behind us.  Could be the metaphor for my trip!

Now all I have to do is heal.  I walked out to take this picture just because I could! 
what are you looking at????
I love it here, I love spring, and I love that I am on my road to recovery after being in limbo for a long time.
BIRCHES ARE MY FAVOURITE. I seriously love these trees. If you ask me what my favourite tree is, it's a birch. My summer project is to make a sweet birch lamp.
But summer projects are for the summer. until then, I'll be chillin by the fire, checking out the deer, walking because I can, and admiring my dad's one of a kind fire stools!
bonjour spring and a whole new season in many more ways than just climatically. if that makes sense.


  1. Those fire stools look very cool! Does your dad sell them by any chance?