Saturday, April 3, 2010

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED, and so I danced.

Summer has arrived!  I enjoyed my morning coffee out here this morning in a t-shirt and sweats!  Amazing.

The ice looks so cool right now, like it's getting ready to crack up into a million pieces.... yes, a million
Tremblant is somehow holding onto a little bit of spring snow...
I exposed my pale legs and new scars to their first rays of sunshine and fresh air of the season!
Birches make me happy....why don't they have these in Cali??
Other than enjoying the rays of sunshine and fresh air, I have continued to cook up some yummy meals. The truth is, I have been eating some yummy meals that my mom has cooked up and thinking to myself that maybe one day I will recreate her masterpieces!  The one night I actually cooked for myself I took a can of tomato soup and added spinach, mushrooms and basil, and then acted like it was the greatest concoction EVER.  simply delish.
I also got to catch up with a bunch of lovely ladies! Kristen, Julie and Anna P!!  Ski friends= friends forever= dance parties for life.
AND Jeff and I have graduated to the NO CRUTCH zone!!  And so we danced.
I need a tan.  
And so we danced.
Not to be an amazing small-talker or anything, but the weather here is AMAZING!  All I remember from last summer is rain, and suddenly this spring has become summer.  The temps are in the 25 zone and t-shirts and shorts are all over the place.  I cant wait to soak in some rays and hopefully defeat the paleness that I have accomplished over the last month post-op.  The knee is going really well and life is good.

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