Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ski Friends = Friends Forever!

I headed to Calgary this week, along with 7 of my injured teammates, for our "injury checkup" with Kent, Dr. Litchfield and Dr. Irving.  It was an opportunity for us to work with Kent for a few days and show them our progression since surgery!  Larisa and I set ourselves up in the good old "Four Points Hotel" (we practically live there....) across from Canada Olympic Park, and I felt as though time stopped and I had never even left....  I have stayed at that hotel on and off for the past 6? years since I've been on the team for testing, summer camps, pre-Nakiska camps, post-Nakiska camps.... you name it and we have stayed there... so in some ways I felt "at home."  
The best part of "being home" was seeing my extended family of amazing SKI friends.  I missed the end of Em's retirement season, so I was happy to finally catch up with her and give her a real hug of congratulations for her amazing career!  She has been a great role-model and a great friend.  The thing that I have always loved about her is that she never treated us "younger ones" (sadly I am an older one now...) differently than the veterans... She could laugh at our immature jokes and even make some of her own!  She will be missed!! It's crazy that our team is evolving and I am now in somewhat of a position of being a veteran; she has left behind big shoes to fill....
Here we are: Larisa, me, Shona, Kelly and Em!  Not sure what our posing goal was.
ANd I'm not sure what is going on here!!?!
Sad faces
Circle of friends!!! The coolest thing about "ski friends" is that no matter how long it's been since we have seen each other, we always manage to jump right back into laughing hysterically and acting as though we have been together all year.
It was a really fun night with really fun girls, unfortunately THIS greeted us once we parted ways... Calgary is ridiculous.
Good times.
It was a quick 2 day trip but lots of highlights including the positive feedback I got about my genou and fun times with the girls.
TODAY we have the Tremblant Olympic Parade!! There are 7 of us and we are getting on top of a firetruck and ripping around the village! YEEhaw!  Look out!

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