Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I arrived here Monday and although I am here for the "summer," it's still so wintery and snowy outside! The ski areas look like mid-winter conditions and the cold winds have been stinging my face! I guess I traded my flip-flops in Montreal for the scenery in Tahoe!
I'm just gonna post a million pictures of the lake because I am in awe of it's beauty and the surrounding beauty that I cannot choose which pics I like best.  So bear with the repetition, it's just too GORGEOUS not to post them all!
Huge rock faces that overlook Emerald Bay.
Emerald Bay and the wind-swept water!
lonely tree, needed a friend.
The water was getting whipped around and the sun was making it sparkle!
Dead lonely tree...
The wind was seriously aggressive!! I put my jacket down for 10 seconds and almost lost it forever!!
Maybe a bit Too cold for the boats to be out, but we saw people paddle boarding!
The view of the lake and docks from Tahoe City!
A new country, a new lake, a new town, a new physio and a new gym!  Lot's of changes this week, but I have already set up a similar routine to the one I have been following since surgery, and my knee is continuing to improve with every day! 
Happy birthday to my mom and my brother Geoffrey!!

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