Friday, April 23, 2010

Olympians at Parliament! And MOTORBOATS

Parliament!  Yesterday all the Olympians from 2010 arrived at Parliament and we were introduced onto the floor of the House of Commons!  It was really cool!!
But we weren't allowed cameras, so this is what I took a picture of as we all left the House of Commons and headed to a little reception with the Prime Minister and his posse.
All the medalists got presented Canadian flags that flew over the course of the Olympics.

And then.... we hung out with Ben Mulroney and took a train to MONTREAL...
We got a little bored on the train so we entertained ourselves with MOTORBOATS
This has to be an all time UGLIEST picture of my life and shona's life combined. epic fail
But I don't feel bad, since Ben Mulroney motorboated for us as well! hahaha
Come check it out! ST CATHERINES street!

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