Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mont-Tremblant Olympic Parade!

The MONT-TREMBLANT Olympic Parade!!
According to the mayor's speech, Mont-Tremblant had the most Olympians from any other region!  I'm not sure if that is in Quebec, or in Canada, but still, it's cool!  The seven of us gathered yesterday for the sweet parade that Mont-Tremblant put on for us.  But before it could start, we had to pose and re-create our poster! ha.

Jasey-Jay Anderson brought his OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL! I was enthralled!
Our firetruck and our mascot! toofoo?? whats his name??
The superstars in the front of the firetruck... (Erik Guay and Jasey-Jay Anderson)
And the rest of us in the back! (Jeff Frisch, Julien Cousineau, Caroline Calve, Brigitte Acton and moi)
Erik and the parade..... it became more popular as we went further...
Jasey-Jay waving at all his adoring fans....
ME! soaking in the rays.
And Brigitte and I "reflecting" on parading...
And my long lost friend toofooooooo.   is he a vegetarian?
Aint no big thang.  just a gold medal...
Two of my most influential coaches: Conrad Guay and Francis Brunet.

Francis coached me for 8 years along with a group of others including Stefan Guay and Brigitte Acton who are both members of the national team now! He deserves a gold medal for putting up with us from 8years old until 15 years old! we must have been hard to control! CRAZY hahha.

And my parents came and cheered us on!
Once we arrived at the base of Tremblant, we were presented to the crowd and each given a sweet trophy!
I can't believe how many people showed up! And how little snow is left on the mountain!!!
And then, to cap it all off, I posed with THE GLOBE, and Erik.  tres impressive.
Thanks to Mont-Tremblant, Jacko Graton and everyone else who helped in putting on a great event!  I feel proud to be part of such a cool community with such amazing athletes!  Erik and Jasey have really left an inspirational mark on the whole community and it was cool to see so many people show up to congratulate them and the rest of us Olympians. I have no doubts that our "tremblant" team will continue to thrive!!


  1. Great Pics Anna!!! Im glad you had your camera!!!

  2. As usual Anna - great pics and lots of fun to browse. It was great to see you all getting the recognition you deserve (the coaches too!).