Sunday, April 4, 2010

Before's and After's summer weather

The ice yesterday! (BEFORE)...
And the lack of ice TODAY!!! (AFTER)  Talk about aggressive melting.  The light blue is open water, the dark bluish-black is the remaining ice.
Another ridiculously beautiful "summer" spring day in Mont-Tremblant. aaahhhhh. 
Here's the MOOSEWOOD tree thingy my mom put out a week ago.... (BEFORE!)
And now, it has blossomed into beauty. (AFTER!!)
The birds are chirping, the people are tanning, and the flowers are blooming! 
I have become spoiled with amazing weather this weekend. So spoiled in fact that the second a cloud DARED block my sun, I frustratingly took a picture of it while cursing and willing it to leave. 
Not only was there amazing weather this weekend, but the Mont-Tremblant Ski Club hosted it's annual BBQ!! Being that it's my home club and barbecues are hard to resist, I headed over and joined in on the fun.
This is my BBQ look.
this is what I ate.... I LOVE TIMMY's!! I actually only had 3, but Jeff and I were trying to figure out how many were in that box before it got emptied.... 500?  
But seriously, you can never go wrong when it comes to timbits... AND the other day I rollled up my rim and won a free doughnut! SCORE. Maybe this week I'll get the car?
Where's Anna??  Or Jeff? Or my parents?? Sweet Club pic with le village in the background.
Merci Club de Ski Mont Tremblant!!
Rehab partner / timmy's drive through-er / club mont-tremblant-er / teammate / patio surfer.  
HUGEST DOG EVER.  Stef's dog Zeus!!  A bunch of us met up later on the patio, me, jeff, erik, karen, logann, cousi, cath, vince and stef and stef's dog ZEUS.  Fun times and I finally got a bit of a tan!!
Happy Easter everybody!  I'm heading to Calgary next week to check in with Kent "magic hands" Kobelka and my super surgeon Dr. Litchfield! I'm excited to show them my new knee and catch up with the rehab team!!(johnny, larisa, jp, cousi, bourque, stef, kelly...etc sadly) 

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