Friday, September 23, 2011

training vid!

I've been uploading pictures like CRAZY since coming here, everything is so beautiful and sunny and there's so many fun activities to do and take pictures of.... but I thought maybe it would be cool to upload some vid of the real STUFF... the reason we're here: to SKI!  Today was day 2 of slalom for me and I'm still just super happy that my body feels great! No pain.  It's been a while since I've felt nothing holding me back, and it just makes skiing so much more fun!!!  So here's some of the fun stuff!

AND of course I have to upload some MORE pics. sorry!! haha
MP caught some of my slalom action.
 MOUTHGUARDS!! I just got a new mouthguard thanks to Dr. Rytz and I am super stylish like Eve, and protecting my teeth! win-win.  (photo from Eve, taken by MP)
 no mouthguard pose after our last run of training today. (photo from Eve, taken by MP!)
 where it's at.
 DOWNLOADING..... the gondola

 Some natural glacial water cold tubbing!
 and warming off and drying up after!
 pretty much a summary of afternoon activities apres dryland and naps.
c'est tout!

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