Sunday, September 11, 2011

sunsets and lakes

truckee has been awesome since I arrived.  We've taken advantage of water: lakes, rivers and reservoirs!
this picture was during sunset at lake donner with a sushi picnic!
 getting closer to FULL!
 The sun reflecting on the water was making awesome colours.
 The pinecone obsession lives on....

 CRAZY. Marco's so cool that he doesn't dive into the waer, the water dives into him.
 go jump in a lake.  my motto for the week.
 Marco was underwater running with a boulder in his hands... HARDCORE!
 We also went camping on a reservoir lake thing... it was awesome. total seclusion and waterfront beauty!
smokey the bear would approve of my water backpack.
Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

 axe-shovel posers.

pretty sunset and an epic night of camping!!

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