Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shona came home and Eve turned 23!

We had an amazing last weekend of "summer in Calgary."  Our Calgary based training is wrapping up this week and we took advantage of the sun, the presence of friends, and Eve's 23rd birthday and threw a volleyball/tie-dye/slackline/bbq party!!!  

BUT first, we welcomed Shona and Andrew home after their yearlong adventure driving "Kumu" from Alaska to Argentina.  It's been awesome following their blog all year but it was even more awesome to see them in person and catch up!!!! WELCOME HOME!!!
Here's a pic from last year, the day they left!!
 And we were there the day they arrived back!!  The Ruben's threw a welcome home party!
 On Saturday it was a beautiful day and we wanted to give Eve a "suprise" party, so we all met up at the Volleyball courts with a bbq, a slackline, a pinata and a volleyball and had a great afternoon.  It was really fun the get everyone together for one last Calgary epic volleyball session!
 AND i think we are actually getting better!!
 Tie-dye station....
 Making art.
 A random guy just sat about 20 feet away from us and stared. It got weird.  So Britt did a handstand.
 He was still there when we attacked the pinata!! hahaha. 
oh well.
so much funnnnn!!! now back into the gym tomorrow!

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