Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i love sunny days!!

the sun came out!!
 It was a beautiful day up on the glacier and we got in a bunch of GS runs!
 levitation attempt FAIL.
 super rad cool camera settings with the guys in the gondola! Hans and Jeff!

 We take 2 trams and a train to get up to the glacier, and we eat lunch at the bottom of the train!  aka "metro alpin"
 this afternoon we took advantage of the sun and went for a hike!
 the forest was so green!! and maddy was so cool!!!
 Mitch leading the way!
 getting higher....
 through some fields....
 and then we posed!!!! kind of a failed pose... but self timer is tricky!!
 SUPA fit!

 and then RUNNING down!!
 volleyball sesh.... using are new skills from summer volleyball!
 AND some slackline!!! we've been busy!! but it's fun to stay busy and it's fun to enjoy the sun!
Can't wait for some more sunny days!

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