Saturday, September 17, 2011

Head factory boot fitting!

Early this morning Eve, Martin and I headed to the Head factory to get some new boots fitted! The guys at Head, Hubert and Michi we're super helpful and we both left with boots ready for tomorrow morning!!!
It's kind of a process to have boots made, especially since we were starting from scratch: with insoles!
Here I am getting insoles fitted!
 Next is to get the tongue and liner foamed.  As I stood there, Michi injected foam into the liners and then I had to work the boot a little bit to get it all settled.  It was TIGHT!
 In order to continue working the foam to mould properly to your feet, you need to keep moving around for about ten minutes.... so naturally, I did ski-boot-yoga.  Lizzie Goergl watched from the wall. haha
 triangle!  I was basically multitasking: stretching from the long plane ride and settling the foam to my feet.
 And then, voila! New boots ready to rock tomorrow!
 And we rewarded ourselves in the best euro-way possible: with amazing pizza for lunch!!
mmmmmm.  feels good to be back in Europe and ready to SKI!

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